Toner, McAndrew, Weaver, Campbell win at CCMS

At Clinton County Motor Speedway, JR Toner, Sean McAndrew, Jeff Weaver and Adam Campbell all came away with victories.

Toner won the Smith Excavating and Construction/Mason-Dixon Shoot Out Series late models race. Andrew Yoder was second, followed by Donnie Farling (third), Todd Snook (fourth) and Brad McGinnis (fifth).

McAndrew won the Weaver’s Radiator and Auto Repair/Jay Coder Excavating and Trucking 270 micro-spring feature race. The rest of the top five, in order, were Skeetz Hockenbrock, Cody Siegel, Weaver and Sanso.

After finishing fourth in that race, Weaver won the 600 micro spring rate, beating Garrett Bard (second), Josh Beamer (third), Lance Spotts (fourth) and Sanso (fifth).

Campbell won the TJ Shooters Sports Bar FWD four-cylinder stock cars race.

Smith Excavating and Construction/ Mason-Dixon Shoot Out Series late models (25-lap feature, 16 entries): 1. JR Toner, 2. Andrew Yoder, 3. Donnie Farling, 4. Todd Snook, 5.Brad McGinnis, 6. Devin Frey, 7. Taylor Farling, 8. Kevin Probst, 9. Mike Smith, 10 Drew Weisser, 11. Gary Mellott, 12. Ryan Zook, 13. Tim Luben. DNF- Matt Cochran, Luke Hoffner, Kenny Yoder.

Heat race winners: Toner, Yoder. Lap Leader- Toner, 1-25.

Weaver’s Radiator and Auto Repair/Jay Coder Excavating & Trucking 270 micro-sprint feature (15 laps, 15 entries): 1. Sean McAndrew, 2. Skeetz Hockenbrock, 3. Cody Siegel, 4. Jeff Weaver, 5. Bobby Sanso, 6. Dan Wertman, 7. Timmy Bitner, 8. John Fritz, 9. Jerrod Heil, 10. Mathew Dixson, 11. Logan Hammaker, 12. Travis Welch, 13. Tom Quiggle. DNS- Ivan Johnson, Hunter Zimmerman.

Heat race winners: Weaver, Siegel. Lap Leader- McAndrew, 1-15.

600 micro sprint (15-lap feature, 11 entries): 1. Jeff Weaver, 2. Garrett Bard, 3. Josh Beamer, 4. Lance Spotts, 5. Bobby Sanso, 6. Jeff Gyuina, 7. Derek Swartz, 8. John Bower, 9. Dariek Humenay, 10. Corey Brungard, 11. Jay Cpder.

Heat race winners: Spotts, Bard. Lap Leaders, Spotts, 1-6, Weaver, 7-15.

TJ Shooters Sports Bar FWD four-cylinder stock cars (12-lap feature, 7 entries): 1. Adam Campbell, 2. Tim Raup, Tim Campbell, 4. John Bower, 5. Maddox Smith. DNS- Cody Stover, Danny Mordan.

Heat race winners: Adam Campbell. Lap Leader- Adam Campbell, 1-12.