No more ‘tricks’ to come from Mother Nature this week

After the flooding the region endured from a slow moving storm system Thursday night into Friday, it is looking like Mother Nature may not have any more ‘tricks’ up her sleeve, at least in the near future, according to State College National Weather Service meteorologist Aaron Tyburski.

Tyburski said the rainfall totals from the system that drenched the area over a 12-hour period resulting in road and school closures, bridge washouts, downed trees and power lines and localized property damage, was “widely varied” throughout the region.

Around the city, the heaviest rain fell just north of the airport, Tyburski said.

“Lycoming County had rainfall averaging between 3 to 3.77 incehes to as much as 4.64 inches north of the city,” he said.

The airport only registered about a 1/2 inch, he added.

Areas north of the city in places like Hepburnville, Trout Run and Barbors received up to 4.5 inches, Tyburski said.

Areas northwest of the city like Slate Run and Cedar Run, saw between 2.4 to 3 inches.

South of Lycoming County in Clinton County is where the heaviest rain fell, betwen 5 and 8 inches Tyburski said.