In the classroom … with Lisa Kreisler

Local teacher brings positivity and support to the classroom

PHOTO PROVIDED Paige Stilts, student (left); Lisa Kreisler, math teacher at Cowanesque Valley High School; and Bailey Stilts, student, pose for a picture together.

By teaching math and helping students, Lisa Kreisler, math teacher at Cowanesque Valley High School, has taught students to spread positivity.

Kreisler teaches high school math for grades nine and ten at Cowanesque Valley High School, where she has been teaching for eight years, and is the advisor for Chess Club and the Battle of Books team, she said.

“I try to create a warm and inviting classroom where students feel free to ask questions, make mistakes and work to the best of their ability. I try to make sure my room is full of laughter, fun and smiles,” Kreisler said.

Over the past seven years, Kreisler has had cancer five times and is doing well, she said. She has received a lot of support from her “husband, family, friends and co-workers.” Despite her health, Kreisler always strives to be a positive person.

“I believe that the students at our school can see that my approach in my life and in my classroom has continued on a forward path, and no matter what the day brings, we can all smile and laugh,” she said.

From her time teaching, Kreisler has learned that every student is different and is on their own journey, she said. Kreisler listens and helps each student with a problem in the classroom or with life, trying to “make sure their voices are heard.”

At the beginning of each school year, she promises her students she will try her best and asks the same from them, Kreisler said. Together, they all gather for a photo and take a pledge holding a sign saying “Yes, I will … ,” committing they will try their best together. The pictures are hanging in the back of Kreisler’s classroom as “a daily reminder.”

Kreisler celebrates the fun in classroom and dresses up whenever she can, she said. A couple of her favorite themed days are Pi Day and Talk Like a Pirate Day.

As the Battle of the Books team advisor, Kreisler sees the school differently now, she said. The team aims to read as many books as they can and to have fun. In April, 38 students and three teams competed at Williamson High School. Every year, the team attends a competition.

“I always loved math and was very interested in computer science,” Kreisler said.

Inspired by her former high school math teacher, Lois Churchill, Kreisler decided to pursue a dual degree in mathematical computer science and education, she said.

She began teaching at Williamson High School in 1983 before moving onto teaching at the Corning Community College, Kreisler said. Kreisler also worked at Corning Incorporated before coming back to teaching at Cowanesque.

Kreisler is grateful to “work with an amazing group of teachers and staff,” she said. The school is dedicated to doing their best and helping each student.

“I love teaching and my students. Every day, I try to make a difference and as long as I feel I can, I will continue to teach,” Kreisler said. “Each day brings success, and no matter how big or small, it is a joy to see a young adult succeed.”