Millbrook Playhouse to host ‘Musicals Without Music’ for free

MILL HALL — There’s one play that Millbrook is betting not even the most avid theatergoers has heard of.

It’s ” Musicals Without Music,” and artistic director David Leidholdt is scheduling the first reading of this comedy at 7:30 p.m on Aug. 7 at the Millbrook Playhouse, 258 Country Club Lane.

Written by acclaimed author Peter Filichia, “Musicals Without Music” has been dubbed a “new hysterical comedy.”

Featuring the cast of “I Love You. You’re Perfect. Now Change!” (which opens on the Main Stage tomorrow), “Musicals Without Music” will be directed by Robert W. Schneider, who is also is in the director’s chair for Millbrook’s final summer production.

Hosted by the professional Millbrook Playhouse, Leidholdt emphasizes that Aug. 7 will be the first time the play will be read aloud to an audience, which is encouraged to help shape this comedy by offering feedback and comments on the show’s merits.

The play’s premise is a backstage look at some of Broadway’s famous musical theater characters after the curtain comes down.

From “Wicked,” is the green-faced Elphaba at any time ever-drawn to her famous sister by gravity?

And once Maria climbs down the fire escape in “West Side Story,” is she really comfortable in Tony’s arms? And then does life really go on for the Jets and the Sharks when Tony dies in Maria’s arms?

Once Eliza returns to Professor’s Higgins’ household, does she still picture herself a guttersnipe, or does she believe that she was always ready to blossom into a “Fair Lady”?

And without Captain Hook looking over his shoulder, “Peter Pan” dishes the real scoop on why he wants to be the boy who won’t grow up.

There’s also characters from famous Broadway shows who are equally eager to navigate their musicals outside the confines of the words and music assigned to them.

Now the first reading of this new comedy gives them the perfect opportunity to comically spout off.

With an estimated running time of approximately one hour, “Musicals Without Music” is a free special event for all attending.