Setting record straight

The late Senator John McCain has passed away and has deservedly received a hero’s treatment in the media. However, most of the focus has not been on the military career of the Navy Captain who was a POW for five and half years in Vietnam.

If McCain had not lost the 2008 presidential election to the community organizer turned Illinois Senator and later became a Never Trump Republican, the laudations of the propaganda press would be mostly muted.

The media called Senator McCain dangerous, an Islamophobe, and every vile Democrat talking point in 2008. They found him “deplorable” – until he became an asset for bashing President Trump. Now, his death is being used to bash Trump.

Respectfully, take away the military record and what else could you put on the McCain resume?

He had a knack for sabotaging real conservatives and policy. I supported his candidacy in 2008 enthusiastically. He would have been a moderately better leader than Barrack Obama.

Then he lost and threw his conservative running mate under the bus. I was in Arizona for then-candidate Trump’s first campaign event in Phoenix. About 15,000 patriotic American citizens showed up. Sen. McCain called us “crazies” and Trump defended us. There began the feud between McCain and Trump.

As a constituent of the late Senator for many of his 35 years in office, I know he promised to protect our borders, but did nothing about it and then when Trump won, became an advocate for no borders. McCain campaigned for seven years on repealing and replacing Obamacare and when Trump gave him the chance he voted no. McCain spoke for years about getting American soldiers’ remains returned from Korea.

Trump acted and delivered.

I appreciate, honor, and respect the McCain family’s military service to our country, but let’s be clear – Sen. McCain was a typical Washington politician.

The media doesn’t care about any of that-just bashing Trump. McCain’s 2008 campaign slogan was “Country First.” You’d think he would of appreciated the President who puts America First.

Ryan A. Workman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom