Beefing up

For Todd Hall, farming is a 24/7 passion. From raising a calf from the moment it’s born to the day it leaves the farm, Todd takes pride in his business, Three Brothers Beef in Muncy.

“My favorite part about running the farm is meeting new people and getting to know customers,” Todd says.

Over the years, he’s gained a lot of regulars who have helped spread the word of his business throughout the community. Currently in its fifth generation of farmers, Three Brothers Beef was originally a dairy farm before focusing more on freezer beef production. Their beef can be ordered in bulk by the quarter, half and whole cow. Customers can also order a variety of cuts from steaks, roasts and burgers, with each order customized to the individual.

Todd runs the farm with his mother, Landa Hall, and they have occasional help from a good friend, Joey Whitteker. Whitteker is a tree trimmer by trade, but took a shot at farm work and enjoys it a great deal.

“It’s different, but another thing to add to my resume,” Whittaker explains. Todd and Whitteker focus on raising and taking care of cattle, while Landa handles bookkeeping and scheduling.

As far back as Todd can remember, he’s done farm work. At the age of seven, he was milking cows and 21 years later he’s doing things a little differently, but he’s still a farmer at heart.

Todd eventually lost his fondness for milking cows and running a dairy farm so he switched to selling various cuts of beef.

According to Todd, “I never liked milking cows. I’d much rather raise and take care of cattle.”

Since the pandemic began, plenty of small businesses around the world have shut down, but Todd has managed to keep growing Three Brothers Beef. Business has been increasing every year, requiring more and more products for hungry customers. The slowing of shipping across the U.S., shortages at grocery stores and social distancing from large crowds brought in more customers. People can get beef without going to a crowded store or worrying about empty shelves.

“It’s been a wild ride the last few years,” he said.

Todd is Beef Quality Assurance certified, which means customers get safe beef and cattle raised with the utmost care.

“My goal has always been to give people high quality beef,” he says. “What makes us different from other meat suppliers is our home delivery option. We’re the only one that (hand) delivers.”



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