Florists blend colors, themes and budgets

During wedding season, love is in bloom and brides and grooms are planning their weddings. One decision on their checklist of things to do is to figure out floral arrangements. To help simplify this task, M. Melissa Null-Iseley, owner and designer of Nevills Flowers, and Janet Johns, owner of Janet’s Flowers, have shared some tips for soon-to-be newlyweds to consider when choosing floral arrangements.

To begin, figure out your personal style and how you envision your dream wedding, what flowers are in season, color preference and most importantly setting a budget for yourself, Null-Iseley said. In addition, they also should have the theme of the wedding picked, too, Johns added.

When considering a florist, “check out the designs of previous work the flower shops have done. When shopping around, and we know many brides do, be sure to feel comfortable with your designer/team that will be there on your big day,” Null-Iseley said.

“Be willing to choose flowers and colors and designs that compliment your dream wedding,” Johns said.

When choosing floral arrangements it is important to think about what season your wedding is being held in as it impacts availability for flowers and budget, Null-Iseley said.

To see what flowers are in season during the month of your wedding, a pro-tip is to meet with your florist a year in advance to see what is available for colors, greenery and varieties of flowers, Johns said. Popular seasonal flowers include sunflowers for fall, seasonal winter whites, peonies in the spring and almost any flower for summer, Null-Iseley added.

Each season offers a different variety of flowers and colors, and some may only be available during certain months, Johns said. Though flowers can be shipped from different countries when out of season in the region if the budget is available for the bride’s dream flowers.

“If a bride has a specific flower they love that is out of season, permanent botanical flowers can be added to achieve the look. We have designed several silk weddings that guests never knew they were silks. That is the difference in a quality silk designer with quality silk flowers,” Null-Iseley said.

“I would rather know the budget so I can help with suggestions as we are developing the designs and stay at or below their budget. I like to have the brides decide if they want to go over for a special request and not assume,” Null-Iseley said.

When working with a budget and a florist, be honest about the amount you want to spend and “be open to suggestions, to see if your overall look can be achieved with alternate flowers when trying to stay in a budget, Null-Iseley said.

Johns suggests adding “in some inexpensive flowers” and going with a simpler design for the ceremony and reception. Another way to stick to a budget is by getting together with family and the wedding party to help put together decorations as it can help with overall expenses.

Currently popular for floral arrangements is a variety of eucalyptus — like silver dollar and seeded eucalyptus — are among some of the bridal favorites, and greenery, Johns said. Brides also are being inspired by nature and gardens as “mosses, branches, wheat, oat grasses, autumn leaves and seasonal plants” are being included into floral arrangements.

With Pinterest, a popular website destination for inspiration, brides are using ideas available to add personalized touches, Johns said. Cascading bouquets have made a comeback and are popular among 2019 brides and hand-tied bouquets are popular for attendants.

For colors, whites or ivorys with hints of peach, pinks and shades of blue, lavenders and wines remain a popular classic, Johns said. Current popular themes seem to have a rustic, shabby chic, Great Gatsby and elegant aesthetic, Null-Iseley added.

“When picking out flowers for a wedding just remember to have fun and not to get too stressed out. It’s your day and a day to remember,” Johns said.


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