Flower Power: Girls Scouts troop earns Bronze Award, prepares for Garden Fest

PHOTO PROVIDED Jean Cleveland (left), Chloe Huff, Kendall Cohick, Maria Pardoe, Edythe DeMarco, Mallory Biichle and Mariah planting at the Lysock View Complex.

LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP — Planting 250 plants, Girls Scout Troop 61372 of North East Lycoming County, ages 10-12, learned about mulching, gardening and much more from the Lycoming County Master Gardeners Edythe DeMarco and Jean Cleveland while working on their Flower Power project, earning their Bronze Award, said Wanda Pardoe, co-leader for Troop 61372.

The Bronze Award project is sustainable and can be passed along and continued, it is not a one-time activity, Pardoe said. The Bronze Award is one of the highest a Girl Scout can earn, along with silver and gold. Each award has different requirements. Troop 61372 are Juniors and next year they will be a Cadet Troop.

Last year, the Troop earned their gardening badge, Pardoe said. The Girl Scouts worked with DeMarco and Cleveland on the annual flower bed for their Flower Power project where they learned more about gardening, DeMarco said. Plants were donated by Helminiak’s Greenhouse.

They picked flowers, planted and mulched their plants, such as geraniums, among others, on May 30 and will be going back to the Lysock View Complex to tend to their plants, Pardoe said. They planted short, tall and potted plants.

The Troop worked together and learned about gardening, digging holes deep enough for plants, height differences, worms and names of plants, Pardoe said. For Pardoe, she learned about how to pull and loosen roots before planting them.

“It was very educational to see the girls work with the ladies from Master Gardeners and pass on their wisdom. The girls learned so much from them, and we are gonna go soon and learn how to prune. It really was a outdoor classroom,” said Carol Biichle, leader for Troop 61372.

“We’re hoping other troops can help the Master Gardeners in the future and build a relationship,” Pardoe said. “One of the girls said it made her feel good doing something for the community.” “It was nice to see them work with the Earth.”

The flowers will be watered, weeded and pinched back, a term used for cutting off the old flowers, during the summer to prepare for the annual Garden Fest, at 9 a.m. Aug. 11, Lysock View Complex, 542 County Farm Road, DeMarco said. The Garden Fest is open to the public and free. There will be several speakers there.

Girl Scouts Maria Pardoe, Mallory Biichle, Kendall Cohick, Chloe Huff and Mariah Murphy participated and earned their Bronze Award, DeMarco said.

“My favorite part was learning different plant names and picking out the different types of plants,” said Maria Pardoe, a Girl Scout of Troop 61372. “I just really like plants and nature, and I like to garden.”

In addition to earning their Bronze Award and gardening badge, the girls also earned a caring badge by working with kids from Hope, a safety badge, helped Meals on Wheels at Thanksgiving and attended a STEM fair at the hospital where they viewed the O.R. and spoke with cardiologists, Pardoe said. They went to Hershey Park after fundraising through their cookie booths. As Cadets, they will continue working on earning other badges.

“We try to have the serve as well as be served … because we serve them as leaders and teach them things but we also think it’s important for them to serve the community,” Pardoe said.

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