Union County’s Good Time 4-H Club goes to the state Farm Show

At the Farm Show the Good Time 4-H club competed in potato judging, showed swine and lambs in the expo center and presented on shooting sports, archery and milk.

Potato judging

The Good Time 4-H club competed in potato judging recently. The judging took place at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg. The club had five teams compete.

Team A, Paige Rhyne, Chloe Hansleman, Abigail Imgrund and Garrett Franck, placed sixth in their division. Team B1, Tamira Lantz, Elizabeth Bierly, Alec Klingler and Sylvia Rishel, placed seventh. Team B2, Kooper Haines, Austin Hanselman, and Kyle Pryzchodzien placed eighth. Team B3, included Hayden Reiff, Tyler Reiff, Patricia Shiveley and Katana Peachy placed in ninth. Team B4, included Ashely Kessler, Jacob Kessler, and Jayden Kessler, placed in 11th.


Jan. 7 through Jan. 9, a couple of the Good Time 4-H club members gave speeches and presentations at the Ag 101 stage. Garrett Franck, Paige Rhyne, Sylvia Rishel, Chloe Hanselman and Carrier Reich. Garret Seebold of the Buffalo Valley Sharpshooters also participated at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg.

Garrett Franck and Garett Seebold teamed up and gave a PowerPoint presentation about the Pennsylvania shooting sports program and their involvement. Franck’s speech focused on archery while Seebold’s speech was about riflery. Paige Rhyne gave her speech about Milk — It isn’t just for Cows Anymore. I also gave a speech about black vulture versus live stock. Chloe Hansleman and Carrie Reich also teamed up and gave a presentation about showing livestock. Everyone did a great job on their presentations.

Pig show

At the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center was the Junior Market Swine show. There were eight exhibitors from Union County. Tamira Lantz, Garrett Franck, Landon Metzger, Mollie Bomgardner, Ethan Bomgardner, Aiden Bomgardner, all showed in the swine show.

Later in the afternoon, Justin Hook and Lane Hook showed market lambs. Lantz won Reserve Champion Berkshire. Franck also had a Berkshire and took third in his heavyweight class.

Metzger had placed sixth in his crossbred class with his pig. Mollie Bomgardner took fourth in her class with her pig. Aidan Bomgardner placed second in his class with his pig. Ethan also took second in his class with his pig.

Later on in the day was the market lamb show. Justin Hook had placed third out of his class. Lane Hook had then took fifth out of class of market lambs.

On Jan. 8, the Junior Livestock Sale took place. Everyone from our county made the sale and sold their hogs and lambs for good prices at the auction.

— Rishel is a member of the Good Time 4-H Club and is the news reporter for the chapter’s organization.