New seascapes by Frank Lind at Kinsborough Art Museum

New seascapes by Frank Lind at Kinsborough Art Museum

By Dr. Lori Verderame

Special to the Sun-Gazette

The new Realist seascapes of famed American painter and longtime Pratt Institute professor Frank Lind will be on display in a new art exhibition at the Kingsborough Art Museum (KAM) at 2001 Oriental Boulevard in Brooklyn, New York. The Kingsborough Art Museum is located on the campus of Kingsborough Community College, The City University of New York and museum director, Dr. Brian E. Hack will host the show.

The exhibition focuses on the theme of the seascape and brings together many of Lind’s recent and masterful compositions dedicated to his long considered subject of the Atlantic Ocean.

Frank Lind has been addressing the sea and shore for a good part of his long and impressive art career. A Rhode Island native, Lind is a lover of water sports and also creates works of art so dramatic and true to life that viewers can almost hear the giant waves crashing when viewing Lind’s paintings.

Rocks, moss and shells loom large in Lind’s seascapes as he nearly achieves the impossible — trying to visually stop time in its watery tracks. Lind’s various seascapes visually capture the moment just before a wave hits the beach or as rushing sea water fully envelops a shoreline rock formation.

Upon close examination, Lind’s paintings in the KAM exhibition detail the unique anatomy of a wave as it crests with its complex colors and various hues. Lind’s paintings take on and highlight the vast expanse of the ocean yet make it relatable, intimate, close.

Lind has been drawn to the long and important tradition of American landscape painting put forth by such famous painters as William Merritt Chase, Winslow Homer and James A. M. Whistler, among others for decades. He is not afraid to go beyond the typical and concentrate on the movement of the sea and how time and space change along the active shoreline.

In this exhibition, Lind shows his ability to capture and highlight the power of the ocean from the rough Atlantic and beyond. Dramatic scenery, attractive colors and new compositions of this time-tested subject matter are all united in this fine exhibition by a master at the height of his talents.

Frank Lind continues to paint from his studio in Brooklyn, New York, and his work resides in important public and private collections worldwide.

— Dr. Lori Verderame is a Ph.D. appraiser, author and award-winning TV personality on History channel’s No. 1 show, “The Curse of Oak Island.” Visit www.DrLoriV.com or call 888-431-1010.


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