What I’ve learned from my mother is…

Love, strength, faith

Filling the shoes of a mother is no easy feat, they are kind and compassion, loving and nurturing and teach many life lessons along the way. Mother’s can be related, or adopted into your family. They are the first ones you call with good news and always there when you need a shoulder to cry on.

This mother’s day we asked people within our community “What has your mother taught you?” These are the answers of mothers and fathers themselves, daughters and sons, business owners, hard workers and the reflections of what values their mother have taught and instilled in their lives.

“Throughout my 32 years of life, my mom has taught me several things I aspire to do every day — work with eager hands, open my arms to the poor, clothe myself in strength and dignity, place virtue above charm and beauty: And, as I celebrate my first Mother’s Day as a mom, there’s another to add to the list — how to be a compassionate, nurturing mom.”

— Elizabeth Greenaway, Williamsport

“My mom taught to never give up and she showed me what encouragement means by always pushing me to achieve my dreams.”

— Alysha Ardell, South Williamsport

“She taught me to always be strong and kind — that they are not mutually exclusive.”

— Jennifer Ross, Jersey Shore

“My mother taught me how to sell and how to tailor… Definitely taught me patience, kindness and faith. Faith was number one.”

— Francis Ciccarelli, Williamsport

“My mom has taught me to never give up my dreams even if I’m the only who believes in them like starting my own business, Little Jet’s Boutique.”

— Paula Hedrick, Cogan Station

“Follow your heart even if someone tells you it’s wrong because it’s never wrong — to do what you feel is right inside.”

— Madison Bower, Cogan Station

“My mom always taught me to be the best I can be in life and in love and to always have faith.”

— Stefanie Allison, Williamsport

“Cooking. She was an excellent cook… I learned from her and my grandmother also was an excellent cook and I also taught my son, who is a good cook, too… We once, from record, cooked a pecan pie in five minutes from start to finish with the dishes cleaned, too.”

— Laura Spencer, Loyalsock

“My mother taught me to be nice to everyone and work hard in life. Travel and enjoy life and the world around you. Respect everyone, but I think the most important thing I learned from my mom is to love with all your heart because that will get you the farthest in life. Oh yeah… she also taught me how to tie my shoes and read, so those rank pretty high too.”

— Gina Edwards, Williamsport

“My mother has given me what I think is a good work ethic and to be kind and loving to others.”

— Amy Hamm, Allenwood

Though, I could not share this article without adding in what my mother has taught me, too.

My mom has taught me to be strong through the ups and downs of life. That family is important and to take the time to share your days with them. To slow down when you are feeling overwhelmed — whether that be watching a movie, playing a game, getting away to the beach or listening to the crickets outside on the porch.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there and enjoy your day because you deserve it for all you’ve taught the generations to come.


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