City’s library to hold computer basics class

City’s library to hold computer basics class

When one thinks of a library, the immediate image that comes to mind is of stacks and stacks of hard- and soft-cover books lining the walls and filling the floors. What one might not consider, however, is that lifelong learning, which is the mission of all libraries, comes in many forms. Lifelong learning is not just a book in one’s hands — it can take the shape of a DIY activity or a lecture, and it can even be as simple as a class devoted to learning how to use the Internet and basic computer software.

The James V. Brown Library, 19 E. Fourth St., is helping give community members the technological skills necessary to fill out job applications or apply for housing and benefits.

“Even hospitals are communicating with patients via email,” said Dana Brigandi, marketing and adult programming manager for the James V. Brown Library, “It’s imperative that adults know how to navigate these programs so they can be successful.”

With nearly everything shifting towards digital, it is crucial now more than ever to have the skills to navigate this ever-expanding web landscape. Thankfully, there is the James V. Brown Library.

If you are new to computers, the Adult Computer Basics and Introduction to the Internet classes are your gateway to tech literacy. The program spans four weeks and covers an array of web-related topics each Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. — adults are invited to register for as many weeks as they like, and like any library program, all are free to the public.

Week one begins on Aug. 7 and covers computer basics and an introduction to the Internet. Week two builds upon that knowledge on Aug. 14 with a walkthrough of how to create a Gmail account — email being necessary for practically any website login — and using the G Suite, which includes applications such as Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Drive. For week three, participants will learn how to connect with people on Facebook on Aug. 21. One of the greatest things about the Internet is how it connects people over hundreds of miles away. The four-week program rounds out on Aug. 28 with an introduction to Microsoft Word, which has become the universal standard for word processing.

“These classes have been very successful in the past,” Brigandi said, noting also that each class is limited to five participants, as they are hands-on sessions that give adults a more tactile and beneficial experience.

“I firmly believe that the library is a community equalizer,” Brigandi said, “Being the place to go to learn, connect and grow is not only our mission statement, but a belief system by those who work here.”

“Libraries … will fuel educational and economic opportunity for all our citizens,” Brigandi said.

Registration for the Adult Computer Basics and Introduction to the Internet classes is required — sessions are limited to just five participants.

For more information, call 570-326-0536.