Golden Heart Club SPCA creates new program

The Lycoming County SPCA announced its new program — the Golden Heart Club, an exclusive club for animal lovers who want to do more than the average adopter. In order to qualify an individual needs to love animals, have a space in their home and heart for a special-needs animal and be willing to have a home visit from SPCA staff or volunteers.

There are no fees to join but the rewards are: Unconditional love, a great sense of accomplishment and the never-ending gratitude of animals in need.

This group of people are willing to take home a special needs animal until its final days. These animals are often affectionate and crave human companionship but due to a health issue or age, they are over-looked for adoption. This is the program for someone that misses the companionship of an animal but are not ready to commit to adoption for the next 10 to 15 years.

Not everyone has what it takes to join the Golden Heart Club. Whether the animal is a dog, cat or even a rabbit, the staff at the SPCA is available to answer questions and help with the transition. For example, Baby, a domestic short hair cat, is 16 years old. She was brought to the shelter due to inappropriate urination. This was due to a urinary track infection which has been treated. Baby is on special food to help prevent a reoccurrence. This beautiful cat is overlooked by adopters simply because of her senior citizen status. But having someone visit Baby because of her age could make the world of difference for this feline.

Animals with special needs have a gold-toned heart on their kennel.


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