State 4-H offers at-home programs for youth, kids

Parents looking for creative ways to keep their children engaged during this time of social distancing are encouraged to explore the new, in-home activities offered by Pennsylvania 4-H.

“Inspire Kids to Do Home Activities” was developed in response to the COVID-19 regulations as a way of providing 4-H youth and families, as well as non-4-Hers, with activities to keep them learning and growing from the comfort of their own homes.

“The program spans a wide range of topics and provides a glimpse into the variety of projects and programs offered to Pennsylvania 4-H members,” said Joshua Rice, Penn State Extension assistant director for 4-H programs.

The program provides parents with easy-to-follow instructions on executing fun yet educational activities with household items. These activities encourage self-guided learning, creativity and problem-solving. Activities include the following:

• Photography challenge: Every week a category will be posted, along with a photography skill or tip from the 4-H photography curriculum. Youth are invited to submit a photo that reflects each week’s theme.

• The exciting egg: The lesson provides youth with an opportunity to identify the parts of an egg, using their scientific names. Participants also will learn about the difference between fertile eggs and infertile eggs.

• Food challenge: These mini-challenges offer a virtual opportunity for youth and their families to become inspired by food and to practice cooking techniques. These challenges serve to promote the Pennsylvania 4-H Food Science Challenge, which will be a live event held this fall.

• Nature scavenger hunt: Participants will learn to look for signs of wildlife and will develop their observation skills in nature.

— For a complete list of activities, visit extension.psu.edu/4-h-home-activities.


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