‘The Simple Keys to Authentic Acting’

WELLSBORO — The Hamilton-Gibson Women’s Project is offering a 2 1/2-hour in-person workshop for women ages 16 and up who are interested in acting.

COVID-19 social distancing protocols will be followed.

“Not only is this workshop for women who have never acted before but also for experienced actresses,” said Jessie Thompson, presenter.

It is based on the teaching method of E. Katherine Kerr, a well-respected Broadway and film actress and playwright.

“During the workshop, I will be introducing participants to Kerr’s four simple principles or keys to authentic acting and how we can use them to build trust and bring more of ourselves to the characters we play,” Thompson said.

Discussed and explored will be Kerr’s keys using monologues as the format.

“I studied with Kerr in New York in the 1990s and found her approach to acting very helpful,” Thompson said. “Through the workshop I will share what I learned and how I use it.”

Thompson began her theater studies at Syracuse University and went on to study and work as an actor around the country. Highlights of her acting career include studying and performing at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts, and being a long-time member of the critically acclaimed Sacred Fools Theater Company in Los Angeles, California.

“The Simple Keys to Authentic Acting: A Workshop for Women in Theatre” will be offered twice on Aug. 22 at the pavilion outdoors at the Nessmuk Lake Recreation Area, Route 287, one mile south of Wellsboro. The morning session will be from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the afternoon session from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Those attending are asked to select a monologue that is approximately two minutes in length.

“You will want to be familiar with whatever material you choose,” Thompson said. “Memorizing the monologue would be helpful but is optional.”

A maximum of eight women will be enrolled per session. All enrollees from both sessions are invited to bring their own bag lunch and attend the 1 p.m. lunch break. Beverages will be provided.

During the lunch break, workshop participants will learn about the fall 2021 HG Women’s Project production of original monologues and about the Hamilton-Gibson production of “Stray Cats,” a series of nine monologues written by Warren Leigh, which is being directed by Thomas Putnam this fall.

Those who would like some guidance or help in choosing a monologue to present during the workshop are asked to make that known when they register.

There is a cost. To register for either session, call the Hamilton-Gibson office at 570-724-2079.


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