Montoursville grad eager to serve in Navy

Trevor Dodge is reaching high, his direction aimed to the heavens as he follows in his father’s footsteps.

Dodge, a 2014 Montoursville Area High School graduate, will finish 13 weeks training of officer candidate school with the Navy in January.

After that, he’ll be commissioned as an ensign and train as a naval aviator. He’s looking forward to a career in the Navy, traveling, seeing new places, and of course, flying off the deck of an aircraft carrier.

“I chose the Navy because of the military tradition in my family,” he said.

His father, Nicholas Dodge, spent 20 years in the Navy as an aviator. His grandfather, Robert Allen Dodge, served on a submarine.

PHOTO PROVIDED Trevor Dodge, center, will complete U.S. Navy officer candidate school in January.

His father instilled in him the kind of discipline needed to serve in the military. Growing up, he participated in sports such as cross-country. It was a way, he said, of keeping in shape, of being disciplined.

Still, through high school and upon graduation from Georgetown University, he wasn’t completely sold on a military career. He ended up using his engineering education to work in construction, but soon found it less than satisfying.

“I couldn’t see myself working in the construction industry the rest of my life,” he said.

When he decided to go into the Navy toward the goal of becoming an aviator, his father made it clear the journey would not be an easy one.

Still, he had his father’s blessing.

“It was nice to have that confirmation from my dad,” he said. “He loved his career.”

So far, Dodge is glad of the path he’s taken. In officer’s training school, he has learned quite a bit of what the military is all about, but also its demands.

“In the first phase of training we were instilled with military discipline, how to march. It is very important those first three weeks for the rest of your career,” he said. “I am expected to be a leader by those who look up to me. And I need to be respectful of all people in the military.”

He’s learned also about naval history and cyber warfare.

“The leadership skills I’ve learned here have made me a confident leader,” he added.

Seeing the world excites Dodge. Following aviator training, he looks forward to seeing many places around the globe.

He said he maintains a connection to Montoursville, where many of his friends still live. Occasionally, he returns to Lycoming County for visits.

“I made a lot of friends there,” he said. “I enjoy the scenery, the mountains, the fishing.”

Aviator training will take him to Pensacola, Florida, where remain for the next two years — learning to fly.

After that, his real Naval career will launch and he’ll be soaring with the birds.


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