Williamsport 9-year-old mows over 50 lawns

PHOTO PROVIDED Jack McNett mowed more than 50 lawns as part of a non-profit called Raising Men Lawn Care Services. Participants receive different colored t-shirts corresponding to the number of lawn they’ve mowed.

Keeping a lawn maintained can be a difficult task for many. Jack McNett, 9, of the Williamsport area has now mowed over 50 lawns throughout the community with a non-profit organization called Raising Men Lawn Care Services.

The non-profit organization gives young people the opportunity to help out those in need of lawn care, such as the elderly, disabled, single mothers and war veterans.

“It has been amazing. …He loves doing it,” said Nicole McNett, Jack’s mother. “You know, just to hear people in the community say things like, ‘this is an answer to my prayers.’ And just to show him that it’s important to help people in need and to do things for other people. I think it’s great.”

The national program has different levels that each participant can reach — orange for 10 lawns, green for 20 lawns, blue for 30 lawns, red for 40 lawns and black for 50 lawns completed.

At each level, participants earn a T-shirt with the color they have achieved.

Black is the highest achievement that can be made in the program.

When 50 yards have been completed, the participant earns their own lawn mower, weed wacker and leaf blower so they can continue on helping others in need.

“He has the opportunity to meet most of them (people whose lawns he mowed), and most of them are very appreciative,” Nicole said. “We have a couple that we knew weekly that just cannot do that for themselves anymore.”


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