Lewisburg’s Hufnagle Park to become ‘regional asset’ once completed

THE DAILY ITEM Playworld volunteers started work on Hufnagle Park early in the morning on Tuesday in Lewisburg. The new equipment includes a first-of-its-kind “Quito Climber” that can fit up to 50 kids at a time.

LEWISBURG — More than 200 Playworld workers volunteered to begin building out the new Hufnagle Park playground equipment starting around 7 a.m. on Tuesday.

The Quito Climber, a prism-shaped piece of equipment, can fit 50 kids and is unique in nature.

The equipment is the “first of its kind,” according to Dave Sheedy, vice president of sales for Playworld.

The mighty descent slide opposite the Quito Climber, Sheedy said, is the “largest roto-molded slide in the world.”

Children ages 5-10 are encouraged to use the equipment.

The new play area covers slightly more than 8,500 square feet.

“We want to unite people on the playground,” Sheedy said.

Product support manager Chad Willow said he was having a great time and was on site “very early” in the morning with volunteer crews.

Willow said the project was progressing without issue.

Sheedy noted Playworld exists all over the world. He pointed out the likes of former presidents Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama have participated in Playworld build-outs.

“This gives folks (Playworld employees) exposure to their work by assisting in build-outs,” he said.

Production scheduling manager Roxane Zerbe, who has been with Playworld for 24 years, participated in the previous build-out with Hufnagle Park equipment in 2003.

Zerbe said it is “really good” to see the product being built.

“It’s definitely personal,” Zerbe said about efforts being made at Hufnagle.

She said she is looking forward to bringing her six-month-old granddaughter to use the new facilities.

Eight shifts were transported to and from the park throughout the day.

“This is awesome,” said borough Manager Bill Lowthert. “We appreciate what Playworld is doing.”

Lowthert said changes at Hufnagle Park will be a regional asset to the area.

“Playworld isn’t in this for money or publicity,” according to Lowthert. He pointed out the new restroom facilities not only include an outside sink and hand-dryer, but a water fountain for residents as well as their pets.

Lewisburg Mayor Kendy Alvarez said communities are focusing on livability.

“How do you make your community somewhere people will want to live, raise their children, spend their free time and even work?” Alvarez said.

Alvarez said Lewisburg continues to focus on improving physical landscape with parks “that cater to different ages and abilities adding to the livability.”


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