‘Inclusivity’: Lock Haven park holds Pride event

Roads to Peace, an organization in Clinton County, recently held an LGBTQ+ pride event in Triangle Square in Lock Haven. At left, Cheyenne Brickley, domestic violence/sexual assault prevention educator and volunteer educator and at right, Jenn Grubb, medical/LGBTQ+ counselor advocate, pose together for a photo at the event. The park was surrounded by pride flags that were placed in the ground or in the bushes. The event featured free giveaways, crafts and a message tree. Visitors to the event were able to take a dry erase marker and write a message on a laminated rainbow card that was tied to a tree branch. Brickley and Grubb added that the event hoped to bring “inclusivity to the Lock Haven ally community” and bring “resources and community building activities” to the area. According to the Roads to Peace’s website, the organization strives to “maintain knowledge and sensitivity of the impact of race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity when providing services to survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault.”


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