ManorCare Williamsport North and South offer advice on long-distance caregiving

Caring for a loved one can be very rewarding, but at the same time, stressful and time consuming. It can be even tougher if you are far from your loved one. Long distance caregivers may often feel helpless or guilty when trying to manage their loved one’s care from afar, but there are many things that can be done, even from a distance, to ensure proper care and well-being.

“One of the most important parts of being a long distance caregiver is staying up to date with your loved one’s conditions, abilities and limitations,” said Kendra Barrows, NHA from ManorCare Williamsport South. “Only then can you make an educated decision about their current and future care.”

In order to stay current with your loved one’s overall level of health, it is important to frequently talk with them as well as those people that see them on a regular basis. Setting up a support group to help you monitor the health of your loved one is a great way to ensure that you have the most up to date information. Being able to talk with doctors, friends or local family members can give you a better understanding of how involved you need to be in some of the decision making processes as well as when it might be time to think about alternate care and living arrangements.

ManorCare Williamsport Campus offers respite services, care tips, home safety tips, advice on selecting a health care provider and counseling support for those who may need a helping hand or advice. Their respite and vacation programs can help caregivers take the necessary time to reenergize.


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