Exhibit by David Moyer to open at Gallery 425

“The Naturalist,” an exhibit of works by David Moyer, will open with a First Friday reception beginning at 6 p.m. at Gallery 425, 425 Market St.

Moyer started his graduate work at the Maryland Institute College of Art, majoring in ceramics. He then began working in the printmaking studio making intaglio etchings and drypoints. Since that time, he steered away from ceramics, and has since worked exclusively in printmaking. In 1988, he and his wife Gretchen began a small press, Red Howler Press, to print hand-made, limited edition books.

Moyer’s imagery explores visual and literary ideas through drawings, black and white print media, usually wood engraving, though sometimes using intaglio processes lithography. All of his projects start out as drawings, and sometimes the drawings are the final form of the work.

There is a long tradition of wood engraving and the book arts, and it seemed quite natural for Moyer to follow that path. Throughout his career as an artist, he has gravitated toward the German print tradition and holds a particular fondness for the work of Durer, Wolgemuth, Cranach, Holbein and Baldung-Grien. All of the books from Red Howler Press carry a message, sometimes serious and other times playful, but it is mostly the visual imagery which is the primary mover of the press works.

For more information, visit www.gallery425market.com.