Billtown Blues Association to hold annual Fall into Blues fundraiser

PHOTO PROVIDED The 3rd St. Blues Band, made up of Uptown Music Collective members, will perform at the annual Billtown Blues Assocation Fall into the Blues fundraiser.

The Billtown Blues Association’s annual fundraiser will be held on Saturday, Nov. 12 in the Garden Terrace Room of the Genetti Hotel. The BBA is changing the format slightly for this year’s event, deciding to feature several local musicians on a bill that includes six performances and over twenty of the area’s talented performers. Showtime is 4 p.m., with doors at 3:30 p.m.

The 3rd St. Blues Band

The Uptown Music Collective’s Blues community performance group, The 3rd St. Blues Band, plays blues hits from some of the top female blues artists of the 1960s, intermixed with more modern blues.

The group features Alexis Carnevale, 15, on vocals; Cade Palmatier, 14, on guitar and Justin Warrender, 16, also on guitar; Shayne Williams, 16, on bass; Izzy Brumbaugh, 13, on keyboards; and Tate Berkey, 15, on drums.

Billtown All-Stars Blues Revue

Leading this set is Sean Farley and includes currently confirmed special guests, “Miz Ida” Cheryl Miller, Charlie Moore, Gary and Shawn Strickland, Mike Mummey, Kim Adair, Dave Krempasky, Levi Stover, Rich Cummings and Adam Tarin. This is a gathering of some of the finest Billtown has to offer and they will be bringing down the house for a full hour of absolutely great “don’t want to miss” blues.

Dave Pulizzi

Presenting his own special blend of folk, jazz, blues and country is Dave Pulizzi. Dave is frequently featured at the Bullfrog Brewery among many other regional and mid-Atlantic venues. Dave was born and raised in Williamsport. As an adult, he lived and worked in a range of other locales before settling once again in his native city in the early 2000s. His lyrics usually reckon with the ebb and flow of what passes for normal life in these United States. Recently he recorded his debut CD, “This Town,” at Richard Rupert’s Green Valley Studio. Pulizzi plays both solo and with his band, Graveyard Rooster, wherever and whenever opportunity allows.

Doug McMinn

Well known in north-central Pennsylvania as a sideman and bandleader, Doug McMinn has been playing solo shows for 15 years, displaying his own take on acoustic blues music. “I guess I’m working in the ‘songster’ tradition,” he said. “Different styles of blues have always fascinated me, so I don’t limit myself in picking songs. I might go from Muddy Waters to Lowell George to Bob Dylan in a set, but it’s all packed with blues feeling.” Though he still plays with blues bands like Black’n’Blues and the Doug McMinn Blues Band, McMinn enjoys the freedom of playing solo. “Any time I want to change something in a tune I just go for it. After a lifetime of playing in bands, it’s a great feeling to go out on a limb all by your self.” Solo performance also opens up new venues, enabling him to bring the blues to coffeehouse audiences and young people who have never heard live blues before. He has jammed with notables including Steve Miller, Lonnie Shields, EG Kight, Townes Van Zandt, Bob Margolin and Ann Rabson.  He has competed in the International  Blues Challenge in Memphis twice, and was one of the founders of the Billtown Blues Festival/Billtown Blues Association, playing the festival nine times. From blues to jazz, rock and more, McMinn has a style as diverse as the day is long and does it all with his own particular flair.

Kimbo Reichley and Bryan Noaker

Kimbo Reichley has been entertaining audiences since the mid 70’s playing everything from rock to blues. Reichley is well known in the area for his work with the David Rose Band throughout much of the 1980’s. More recently, he lays down the bassline for The Blind Chitlin Kahunas. Bryan Noaker has been performing in bands since the early 1980’s. His early career included fronting the three-piece power trio known as Fantasy. Most recently, Noaker can be seen with The Ann Kerstetter Band playing the guitar and singing. Both artists performed solo acoustic shows in addition to their work with bands. In the mid 90’s the two men joined together and have been a formidable force in the local music scene. Anywhere that there is acoustic entertainment you are bound to find Reichley and Noaker dishing out their version of acoustic rock and blues. The two complement each other vocally and are harmonically tuned in to each other but still retain their individual voices. Reichley’s vocals are smooth and velvety, while Noaker adds a raspy, blistering, whiskey tone to the duet’s vocal style. Their guitar and mandolin work is some of the finest picking you will hear. Winners of the solo/duo portion of our 2016 Blues Challenge, Reichley and Noaker pulled off a dynamic set that captured the audience from the start. The win also makes them eligible to represent the Billtown Blues Association at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in 2017. Their blend of blues and roots music has a timeless quality that would be just as easily found in the 1950s as in 2016.

Gabe Stillman & the Billtown Giants

A graduate of the Uptown Music Collective and the Berklee College of Music, in Boston, Gabe Stillman is a young man with an old soul and wisdom and skills to match.  His love and knowledge of the blues is very deeply rooted. As a guitarist, Stillman is both highly skilled from a technical standpoint while pouring forth from the depths of his heart and dripping with pure, raw emotional power. Aside from his exceptional guitar skills and vocals, Stillman is a master showman, knowing how to capture an audience and hold them throughout the show. He is accompanied by Colin Beatty on bass and veteran drummer Joel B. Vincent. Beatty has been a regular feature on the Billtown music scene, a bassist who is rock-solid yet does his thing with finesse and all the earmarks of an artist of the highest order. As for Vincent, he is the “go-to guy” whenever a drummer is needed.  Regardless of genre or time period, Vincent has it covered from the hard-driving to the gentlest touch. Vincent is one drummer who understands that drums are more than an implement to beat out a rhythm. This is a band to keep your eye on as they are hungry and on the rise. As winners of this year’s “Billtown Blues Challenge” in the band category, they will be representing the Billtown Blues Association at the International Blues Challenge in 2017.


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