Samek Art Museum and Three Beards Brewing team up for ‘Art in Bars’

SUNBURY — Bucknell’s Samek Art Museum is bringing its “Art in Bars” program back to Spyglass Ridge Winery, 105 Carroll Road. The event will feature four new art-related craft beers from Three Beards Brewing that will be paired with surrealist artwork from the Samek’s collection. There will also be a discussion on how art and beer relate to each other.

“Three Beards is super stoked to be working with the Samek museum and Bucknell,” said brewery co-founder Nate Badman. “This event is a change of pace for us which is welcomed after the busy brewfest season of the summer months.”

Three Beards was chosen to create the brews for “Art in Bars” by the Samek’s public programs and outreach manager Emily Izer, who said that their “reputation proceeds them.”

“This collaboration has been a lot of fun,” Izer said. “I showed them some of the surrealist art when I gave Nate a tour and (Three Beards) immediately came up with beer styles and flavor profiles. Watching him think over beers as he examined the art made it clear that beer and art can really work together.”

While on his tour, Badman was shown 15-20 Salvador Dali pieces. Of those he was shown, four were chosen to have a beer made in their honor.

“Our approach to developing beers for this event was multi-factorial,” Badman said. “First, we absorbed the overall feel of each art piece. This helped us determine what style of beer we wanted to do. Examining further nuances of color, brush stroke and subject matter guided us on what spices, hops and colors we wanted to pursue.

“We focused on a few different styles (of beer) that we feel embodied the art,” he added.

One of the beers created for the event is a mixed fermentation Weizenbock. This wheat beer features a high ABV, soft lemon tartness and a touch of funk from the wild yeast used to finish the fermentation.

They also made a gose with butterfly pea flower tea, which yields and ABV of 3.5 percent. Made with pink Himalayan sea salt, this sour beer has a hint of earthiness and a blue-purple color.

Three Beards also crafted a Black IPA with an ABV of 8.5 percent, which is loaded with copious amounts of American “C” type hops. The beer balances the flavors of dark malts and citrusy bitterness.

Lastly, the brewery created a witbier with Seyval Blanc grapes from Spyglass Ridge Winery. The beer has an ABV of five percent and features a flavor profile of citrus, orange and white wine.

Badman said that there are definite parallels between the art and craft beer worlds.

“In art — specifically painting — you have every color of the rainbow at your disposal, along with different techniques, brushes and inspiration,” he said. “Beer is the same way. We have hundreds of different yeasts, grains, hops and techniques to choose from. That is the exciting part of brewing — you can change one small variable and end up with a distinctively different product.”

He and the other operators of Three Beards can’t wait to finally debut the brews they have worked so hard on for the event.

“On an excitement level, we are at an 11,” said Badman. “This is such a departure from our typical brewfest and we really welcome the change of pace.

“These beers will be available for sample only at Spyglass Ridge Winery during their business hours,” he added. “Once these beers are gone, they are gone.”


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