‘Not Another D&D Podcast’ keeps the laughs coming

If I have inherited anything from my dad, it’s my explosive laugh. Thankfully, it doesn’t come out as often as his, but when it does, it sounds a lot like a pitched-up car horn — the kind you hear when one of your neighbors has a friend waiting outside. It’s loud.

The point of this is I have never listened to a podcast that makes me laugh as hard or as thunderous as “Not Another D&D Podcast,” hosted by dungeon master Brian Murphy.

If you like “Dungeons & Dragons,” “Skyrim,” fantasy or anything remotely good, “Not Another D&D Podcast” is the audio therapy you’ve been subconsciously searching for.

I’m Christopher Cizek, and this is “Podcast Picks.”

“Not Another D&D Podcast” has become my fiance and I’s newest obsession. We usually put it on when we make art, and it’s always a hoot.

The show follows three unlikely heroes – Hardwon Surefoot, played by Jake Hurwitz; Moonshine Cybin, played by Emily Axford; and my personal favorite, Beverly Toegold V, played by Caldwell Tanner.

Simply, Hardwon is the traditional brawny axeman raised by dwarves, Moonshine (accompanied by her opossum, Paw Paw) is “dangerously fertile” and gets nearly all of her power from spores and mushrooms, and Beverly is a halfling from the city whose dialogue oozes inexperience, innocence and and the desire to do good no matter what, demonstrated in “please don’t curse,” which he utters during a barbarian-fueled bar fight.

The main plot of the campaign and the podcast centers around the group of Boy Scouts-like junior paladins Beverly is part of, the Green Teens, who were kidnapped under the pitiful, negligent watch of Scoutmaster Denny, another of my favorites.

Hardwon, Moonshine and Beverly must fight criminals, monsters and dangerously inopportune low HP counts across Bahumia to rescue the painfully lame Green Teens from fantastical doom.

Even though rescuing the Green Teens seems like the number one event of the campaign, I believe the true shining star is the 22nd Annual Moonstone Jamboreen, which was “super cancelled” after Denny lost the Teens at the bay. Will the Moonstone Jamboreen remain super cancelled? Listen to find out.

I have never played “Dungeons & Dragons” before, but this podcast makes me want to more than anything in the world. “Not Another D&D Podcast” is brilliantly improvisational, sporting several killer one-liners per episode. It features not only finely crafted main characters who grow into themselves organically but also memorable secondary characters like Josh, who are killed quickly, but are nevertheless great for a cheap laugh.

The comedy is a mix of high- and low-brow, with intelligent wit juxtaposed with crass fart jokes. I am in love with this podcast, so much so that I bought a crewneck sweatshirt that reads “The 22nd Annual Moonstone Jamboreen Is Super Cancelled” after having only listened to three episodes.

Do yourself a favor and check out “Not Another D&D Podcast” on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or on naddpod.com.