The Never Do Anythings release new album ‘Change’

Back in November of 2017, Travis Bickert and Shaun Levine were working together at a call center, when they realized that they both had a passion for making music. With that in common, the two decided to collaborate together in a group that would eventually be named The Never Do Anythings. A little over a year later, the duo transformed into a foursome with the additions of Brady Hartman and Erick Paredes.

In its current configuration, the band blends so many different genres that the guys in the group aren’t exactly sure what their sound is classified as, but it can probably be best described as a hybrid between hip-hop and rock music. Just last week, The Never Do Anythings released their debut album, “Change,” as well as an accompanying music video for the song “I’m Not What You Made Me,” so that area music fans can experience their unique dynamic.

“Take a listen and decide for yourself (what the genre is),” Levine said, of the new album. “There should be something in there for everyone.”

Each member in The Never Do Anythings has been making music since their adolescent years, with a few of them playing before they were even teenagers. Bickert and Levine both provide vocals for the group (Levine also plays piano and acoustic guitar), while Hartman plays drums and Paredes plays the saxophone.

The band’s name, they said, comes from “the mission to do something,” because the members were all told they would “never do anything” in life.

The mixing of genres the band does can be attributed to the wide-ranging influences each member of the group draws from. For instance, Bickert brings a hip-hop and ’90s alt-rock vibe to the band; Levine is more geared towards classic rock and ballads; Hartman is into pop-punk and nu-metal; and Paredes specializes in Latin jazz.

“To be able to connect with people (is the most exciting part of being in this band),” Hartman said. “Songwriting is a very unique and intimate experience. To write music, you pull from a place that most people don’t know. So, to make music that connects with people, you are connecting on a different level. That is magic.”

Currently, The Never Do Anythings exclusively play their original music. However, the group does plan to eventually play some covers, so they can put their own spin on classic songs.

So far, when the band is composing its new material they usually start out with music from Levine. After that, Bickert will come up with lyrics to match the music, and Hartman will take that shell and craft the tune. Once Hartman is finished, the song goes to Paredes, so he can sprinkle in some saxophone to finish it up.

Bickert said the new album, “Change,” is about “overcoming internal struggles that everyone deals with day to day.”

“‘Change’ (was the name we picked), because we felt the whole record signified change in our lives, as well as leading into the next record, which will have a lighter tone,” said Levine.

The album features 10 tracks, which hit on various levels, and was recorded at HodgePodge Records in Williamsport. Some songs the band is especially excited about are “Keep on Keepin On,” “Paint You a Picture,” “Pain Shouldn’t Exist,” “Happy?” and “Sound Place.”

“The (recording) process was a bit longer than most, but it was our first record, so we wanted to get it right,” Hartman said.

This summer, The Never Do Anythings are scheduled to play three festivals in July (Liberty Fest, Summer Threestival and Zucchini Moon), and are also slated for a show on Aug. 2 named Manchesko Fest, where the Franchesko Marx Band and Daniel Miles & Happy Hour will be releasing their new records.

For more information on the band, visit theneverdoanythings.com.


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