‘The Glitter Girls’ to end CTL’s 2018-19 Main Stage season

All that glitters is not always gold — or so it seems!

The Community Theatre League presents “The Glitter Girls” as its final Main Stage attraction of its 2018-19 season, with 7:30 p.m. performances on August 29-31 at the downtown theatre, 100 West Third Street.

Written by CTL’s “playwright-in-residence” Mark Dunn, “The Glitter Girls” offers a funny and sometimes an over-the-top storyline.

Dunn is the author of 25 full length plays and several one acts. Since his visit to see CTL’s “Five Tellers Dancing In he Rain” a couple of decades ago, Dunn has maintained a close association with the local group, penned some plays specifically for CTL premieres, and is often referred to as the Community Theatre League’s “favorite playwright.”

“The Glitter Girls,” which is a northern Georgia women’s social club, is in a bit of a twitter. Its richest member, Trudy Tromaine, may be at death’s door.

The “Girls” must decide — after some Southern-styled bickering — which lucky member among them will receive most of Trudy’s millions.

With some coaxing, cajoling, and a bit of good-natured back-stabbing, the hopeful recipients campaign in their own inimitable fashion. Hovering around Trudy’s supposed deathbed, their campaigns result in both hilarious moments and some touching scenes.

Much to the audience’s delight, “The Glitter Girls” are unaware of the twists and turns that affect the fateful outcome.

Dunn’s quirky plot requires that the members have to decide among themselves by written ballot who will get Trudy’s fortune. And then, the other big question is whether she will keep all the dough to herself — or share it with her fellow “Glitter Girls.”

Set in the fictional town of Hickman, Georgia, this regional premiere of playwright Dunn’s latest script features a cast of seven females and three males.

Barbara Ross plays Trudy, the wealthy leader of the Southern social club, who may or may not be feigning a fatal illness to pass through death’s door.

Having called a special meeting, Trudy relishes in checking out her fellow members to discover whom may be worthy of having a 16 million dollar payout. She is prepared to leave her money to the most deserving “Sister of the Gleam and Sparkle.”

Scampering around and really worried about Trudy’s fortune are the other close-knit club members.

“The Glitter Girls” include: Evelyn Griffith as the youngest member Patty; Amy Straub as the former exotic dancer Valerie; Maggie Able as the hillbilly-bred Flossie; Sandie Fairman as the widowed, retired schoolteacher Mayvonne; Bernadette Haas Jones As Mamie, the hard-drinking wife of the town’s mayoral candidate; and Laura Hartranft as the woe-be-gone Corrine, a victim of spousal abuse.

Adding a bit of levity with his portrayal of the character Arpege Lacroix is Andrew Druckenmiller. Playing Trudy’s maid, Druckenmiller’s Arpege dresses up (not very convincingly) as a woman, in an apparent effort to avoid detection from the authorities.

Rounding out the cast are Bradley Dennis as Charles, (who just may be matched up with young Patty), and Glen Wilson as the recent widower of a deceased “Glitter Girl.”

Sara Jones makes her directing debut in CTL’s last Main Stage production of its 2019-20 season. Having chosen these actors to play Dunn’s unique characters, Jones is excited over “The Glitter Girls” anticipated arrival on stage.

At a recent rehearsal, Jones says “The Glitter Girls has been such a fun show to work on. This cast is one of the most talented casts I have ever had the honor of working with, they take what I say and run with it.”

The Community Theatre League promises the audience will discover in “The Glitter Girls,” that Mark Dunn has concocted his characters with just the right mixture of humanity and hilarity.

Box office and more information, call 570-327-1777 or visit ctlshows.com.