BTE, Bloomsburg Players team up for ‘Remembered’ this weekend

BLOOMSBURG — In an unprecedented change of venue, the acclaimed Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble is moving outdoors.

After the opener of its 42nd season, BTE will now move from the Alvina Krause Theatre to the cemetery at 1 East First Street to present “Remembered: A Play Inspired by the Old Rosemont Cemetery.”

The second attraction of the 2019-20 season, “Remembered” has a limited one-weekend schedule, playing tonight through Sunday. Each performance begins at 6 p.m., and has a running time of approximately 90 minutes.

This unique offering is directed by BTE’s Daniel Roth, and “Remembered” will see actors from the ensemble joining with the Bloomsburg University Players for the “twilight walk.” Bloomsburg Players is a co-curricular student organization that has worked closely with the professional ensemble in prior productions.

This is a collaboratively created theatrical experience in which the audience travels through the very cemetery that inspired the performance.

The production is described as a mixture of contemporary scenes and moments from the past, as well as a “collage of researched facts and imagined moments about the living and the dead, the forgotten, and the remembered.”

“Remembered” was created by David A. Miller and features Kamryn Feity, Emily James, Dano Madden, Kali Morgia, Chelesa Soto, Chris Thorne, Reagan Venturi and Somer Walsh.

Participants will experience vignettes inspired by friends and neighbors who have been laid to rest in the Rosemont Cemetery.

The university and BTE will jointly pose several questions to be addressed in “Remembered.”

“Will we be comforted to lay still near our loved ones? Will we miss the living? Will we know we’re dead? Where are the answers? Let’s seek them out. Together!”

For more information, call 570-574- 5530 or visit www.bte.org.


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