FUSE’s Play Reading Series to feature ‘Frost/Nixon’ show

STATE COLLEGE — Although often associated with power-packed, big musical shows, FUSE Productions also features a Play Reading Series.

Richard Biever, FUSE’s producing artistic director, announced that the Play Reading Series continues with “Frost/Nixon” at 7 p.m. Saturday.

The one-night-only reading will be held at Singing Onstage, 1108 S. Pugh St.

The original Broadway production of the 2006 British play, penned by screenwriter Peter Morgan, caused quite a stir in entertainment and political circles with the actual word-by-word interviews between Frost and Nixon.

Lowbrow British talk-show host David Frost has his share of detractors, and was often a laughingstock with his style of reporting and interviewing. Richard M. Nixon received a request for an interview with Frost shortly after he resigned from the United States presidency in total disgrace over Vietnam and the Watergate scandal.

Hoping to resurrect his career, Frost scheduled a televised series of in-depth interviews in 1977, risking a lot by hoping to extract an apology from Nixon.

True to his nickname “Tricky Dick,” Nixon pictured himself as wise and cagey enough to totally redeem himself in the country’s eyes. But as Nixon discovered in his televised debates with J. F. Kennedy, “image is king,” so both men were desperate to out-talk and upstage each other as the cameras roll during these fateful interviews.

Heading the FUSE cast are Steve Snyder as David Frost, and Will Hutton as Richard Nixon.

The “Frost/Nixon” cast also includes James McCready, Bethanie Louise, Cole Harris, Ted Christopher, Cat Rokavec, Zack Wold and Libby Snyder.

Limited seating is by general admission. For more information, call 814-380-8672.