Millbrook Playhouse to host ‘Act Like Your Lives Depend Upon It’

MILL HALL — “Act Like Your Lives Depend Upon It.”

This is not just a catch phrase, but the name of a Readers Theatre Event, hosted by SPARK Lock Haven and the Millbrook Playhouse.

David Leidholdt, Millbrook’s producing artistic director, described the event as “an opportunity to think together, from a variety of viewpoints, about the climate and its impact on our lives.”

“Act Like Your Lives Depend Upon It” is presented in conjunction with Climate Theatre Action, 2019.

The Readers Theatre event is co-sponsored by Millbrook Playhouse and SPARK, which is a nonpartisan community advocacy group presenting programs which strive to “bring diverse opinions for common causes that benefit us all.”

SPARK emphasizes that this and other events may hopefully prompt more discussions with families, friends and groups about how everyone might use the information to promote social justice, issues of climate and poverty, and power.

The event consists of an evening of eight short plays in Readers Theatre format.

Millbrook Playhouse, located at 258 Country Club Lane, recently concluded its productions of “Kid Frankenstein” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and is the venue for this specially-scheduled event.

The plays will be read at 7 p.m. Nov. 9 with an intended goal to “poke us, provoke us, and (hopefully) stoke us” to think together about the climate crisis and its impact on our lives.

The readers will be a combination of area citizens and community theatre thespians.

“Act Like Your Life Depends Upon It” is open to the public and free of charge. Voluntary donations will benefit the Climate Reality Project.