Arts in Bloom postponed

BLOOMSBURG — It was only a couple of years ago that Bloomsburg University’s Artists and Celebrity Series was renamed Arts in Bloom. But as with many events originally planned to be held this year, Arts in Bloom was derailed by COVID-19.

And so, Dan Knorr, director of Bloomsburg University’s external and government relations, announced the difficult decisions relating to the upcoming season:

Bloomsburg University will not hold any Arts in Bloom headliners for the Fall 2020 season. Ticket sales for the planned Spring 2021 headliners will not begin until Nov. 1, 2020, at the earliest. The 2020-21 season brochure, which details Bloomsburg University’s lineup of cultural attractions, traditionally distributed in late May or early June, will be delayed until later this summer.

Knorr, in explaining the decision, notes that like other arts organizations, Bloomsburg University’s income relies upon a combination of ticket sales, patron sponsorships and student attendance. But as Knorr regretfully concedes, “none of which is guaranteed in the coming year.

It is obvious that this short term-decision will ensure that the Arts in Bloom can continue to bring performing and visual arts to the theatergoing community for the long term.

As Bloomsburg University prepares to launch a modified season, Knorr emphatically cautions, however, that the suspension of headliners does not mean the suspension of Arts in Bloom.

“B.U. students are the true heart of Arts in Bloom, and while we do not yet know exactly how the fall semester will look, we will continue to bring their talents to you in any way possible,” Knorr said.


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