Campus Theatre to host Virtual Home Movie Day

The Campus Theatre is bringing Virtual Home Movie Day to the Lewisburg community on Oct. 24.

“Join us in the celebration of amateur films and filmmaking held annually at theaters worldwide,” a news release fro the theatre said. “Home Movie Day events provide the opportunity for individuals and families to see and share their own home movies with an audience of their community, and to see their neighbors’ in turn. It’s a chance to discover the importance of these films and how to preserve them for future generations to enjoy!”

The event’s organizers ask anyone with footage of historic Lewisburg or a family event or a film to submit it to have it broadcast online via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch

“While we cannot guarantee all footage will make it to broadcast, this is a great opportunity to turn your home into an archeological excavation site, dig through your closets, call Grandma, discover and preserve your family’s home movies,” the news release said.

Participants are asked to choose up to 10 minutes of your home movies on film or video tape. Films must be in 8mm, Super8mm, 16mm, Video8 or VHS formats.

As a bonus, participants later get a free digital transfer (downloadable file e-mailed to you) of the home movie that you shared with the event on the screen.

The event is available on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or Twitch and admission is free. Deadline to submit a film is Oct. 17. To submit a film contact andy@campustheatre.org.


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