Continuing a tradition, ‘Around the table’

Thanksgiving, in a broader sense, to my family has always been about getting together around the table, being thankful to see one another and to eat some good food. To me, the food is just ice cream on my aunt’s famous apple pie, the real treat is getting to see my family together.

It’s often difficult to get family together from other states, with their own busy lives, together in one room enjoying each other’s company. But I look forward to Thanksgiving not only to see their smiling faces but to reminisce with family members I have not seen in a long time with our jokes about our traditions, including how my cousin needs to bake a separate pie for each man in the house, because they can’t share just one, it’s not enough.

My aunt, who is probably one of my all-time favorite people, works a majority of holidays and this is the one time she has off, the one time I can guarantee that I can sit with her, her grandchildren, the pets and the rest of the family to catch up. We can see who has been doing what since the last time we saw each other, talk about the next holiday’s plans and even talk all things “girl” when the boys are watching the game or the parade.

Thanksgiving is the one holiday all of my family has time off from their jobs, they aren’t stuck to their phones and their personal stresses, they are together smiling, laughing, eating and loving each other. It’s definitely one of the times I look forward to. I can’t wait to sit around the table, looking at the people I am most grateful for and enjoy the day off with them.


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