Nutrition Nuggets: Rescuing healthy food for Pennsylvanias in need

Nutrition Nuggets

Since March 1, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank has rescued more than 9.6 million pounds of food, equivalent to more than 8 million meals. This includes food rescued from a wide variety of sources including local farmers, manufacturers, retailers and state and federal government programs. This is critical as need has grown dramatically in our region due to the economic fall out of the COVID-19 crisis. The Food Bank is distributing 50 percent more food than this time last year, and the need has tripled in some of the communities they serve.

With so many people facing food insecurity and struggling to get back on their feet, it is through partnerships that we are able to be better together and make sure no one goes hungry.

Grilled corn

Fresh corn on the cob (you could use frozen)

Olive oil

Salt, pepper, garlic salt (or any seasonings you would like)

Butter for after grilling


Clean the cobs of corn of the husks.

Lay each cob on foil. Drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper and garlic salt.

Roll up in the foil. Do this until all of the corn is covered in foil.

Place on the grill (or in oven) on about medium heat for 20 minutes turning occasionally.

Make sure you are careful when unwrapping — these are hot! Serve with the butter!

— This recipe was provided by Eating on a Dime. The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is headquarter in Harrisburg with a location in Williamsport at 3301 Wahoo Drive. For more information on the Food Bank, visit www.centralpafoodbank.org or follow them Facebook at Central PA Food Bank.


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