Alley in Williamsport blocked by fallen tree

A combination of criminal mischief and Mother Nature was enough to cause this tree to suddenly fall in the 500 block of Anthony Street just before 10 a.m. Tuesday, city police said.

Neighbors told the Sun-Gazette they heard something “cracking” seconds before the tree fell.

Police said the tree had been compromised, adding that there was evidence that someone earlier had started cutting it with a saw.

Wind gusts of about 14 mph was enough to cause it to topple, police said.

A crew from the city’s streets and parks department was responding to remove the tree.

Also today, northbound motorists in the 8500 block of Route 220 in Piatt Township, north of Jersey Shore, are urged to use extra caution after a tree fell about noon Monday. PHIL HOLMES/Sun-Gazette


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