Businessmen combine skills on unique garage project

Sometimes the best jobs are those that involve collaboration.

Bill Stewart and Doug Williams can certainly attest to that.

Not long ago, the two combined their talents to come up with a floor design for Al Clapps’s garage where he stores his vintage cars. Clapps wanted an eye-catching symbol to serve as signage for his newly built hilltop building in Loyalsock Township.

“It’s excellent,” he said. “I’m very satisfied. I think it’s a unique design.”

Stewart, the owner of Concrete Impressions, said he was approached by Clapps to come up with a Corvette graphic for the floor. That was the job, he said, that brought he and Williams together.

Williams, owner of Douglas Williams Graphics, Williamsport, had experience designing and applying vinyl graphics. While much of his work involved graphics for advertising on vehicles, he had never had experience with floors.

Stewart’s business involves decorative concrete overlays and decorative concrete, and that’s how he and Williams ended up working together.

“He (Clapps) wanted a floor with a Corvette emblem,” Stewart said.

Stewart and Williams put their heads together to make it happen. They had to experiment and come up with a material that would combine the flooring with the design. Stewart had to cut out an approximately 9-foot-by-6-foot section of the floor to put down the decal.

He also did the rest of the floor.

“We had to put a special epoxy down,” he said.

The shine of the floor seems to perfectly complement Clapps’s small collection of well-polished and restored classic cars, which include Corvettes, even a 1920s vintage Ford.

“I would have never gotten that job if Doug hadn’t produced what he did,” Stewart said.

The two feel they will now be working together on more projects.

“It’s good to collaborate,” Williams said.

Clapps said it was a case of taking his individual vision and the two business owners applying it to his floor. Stewart said he hopes to become more involved in small commercial enterprises and he plans to work more with Williams.

“This was the first one we got involved in,” Williams said. “Now, we can possibly find other garage floors to do.”

For now, their businesses remain separate.

The two like the idea of being in business for themselves.

Williams said perhaps the best part of entrepreneurship is the relationships one builds with customers.


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