Company sees remarkable growth

Tenney/Lunaire Environmental has experienced impressive growth in 2017 with a record year in sales and shipments and an expanded global footprint, according to a news release. In anticipation of this growth, additional facility space was provided to the Tenney/Lunaire equipment line at the beginning of the year to accommodate production needs.

Tenney/Lunaire orders in 2017 included both standard and custom environmental-testing chambers and rooms designed for temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, steady state, and vacuum-testing requirements along with space chambers and thermal shock chambers. Tenney/Lunaire products were shipped to customers in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, and lab/research industries. They have seen significant growth in the space industry with their custom space chambers that simulate the environments of space, the news release said. As 2017 comes to a close, the Tenney/Lunaire team is looking forward to 2018 and gearing up for continued growth in the industries they serve.

“The Tenney/Lunaire Environmental group were one of the leading areas of growth for the TPS group in 2017,” Dave Strand, president and CEO, said, according to a news release. “The team’s focus on increasing market share in target industries like automotive, R&D, electronics and space have brought both the Tenney and Lunaire names into the spotlight.”

Tenney boasts the most comprehensive line of standard and custom environmental-testing chambers and rooms in the industry, the news release said. Known for innovative engineering design, robust construction, and superior performance, the Tenney line of test chambers is designed to meet all your temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, and vacuum-testing requirements.

According to the news release, Lunaire is a leading manufacturer of steady state environmental test chambers and walk-in rooms meeting ICH guidelines. These test chambers simulate a wide range of temperature, and temperature and humidity environments which make them ideal for research facilities and laboratories.

Thermal Product Solutions, is a leading American manufacturer of industrial ovens, furnaces, pharmaceutical sterilizers, laboratory ovens, environmental temperature chambers, and stability test chambers. The company provides thermal processing and test solutions for a range of industries.