Improving economy benefits local company

A local company is expanding its product line and hiring more employees, thanks to an improving economy.

Record sales in 2017 helped spur growth at Thermal Product Solutions, LLC in New Columbia.

A variety of positions in the skilled trades and engineering fields are being added, according to company officials.

Some of those jobs include welders, machine operators and skilled assemblers.

“We manufacture industrial ovens and environmental testing chambers,” Kelli Stimely, of the company’s human resources department, said.

The devices are used for industrial processes such as heating treating, sterilization and environmental testing.

The company operates two shifts at the plant, which is located along Old Route 15.

“We recruit from Penn College and Sun Tech. We try to hire local students and local people,” Stimely said.

The facility formerly was located in Williamsport’s Industrial Park before relocating 12 years ago to Union County.

Stimely said the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act certainly was a plus for the company.

“We have been growing well before it,” she added.

Stimely said Thermal Products markets its products to a number of different industries, including those in health care, defense, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

That versatility helps the company remain competitive in what is a very challenging industry.

In addition to the local plant, Thermal Product operates facilities in Wisconsin, Michigan and California.

“We are a great place to work,” she said.