Isle of Comics

After a previous venture folded, an area couple continued their love for comic books with their new shop in South Williamsport.

Co-owner of Isle of Comics, Tracey Yeagle, credits the current shop she operates to her love of her current fiance and co-owner of Isle of Comics Joe Figured, as well as the customers she assists daily, for her love of comics and the store she owns today.

“Joe used to have a store and I worked for him, which is where I fell in love with comics. When that store closed, I missed it a lot, I missed the customers. So, I decided to open up my own store,” Yeagle said.

That new store took the form of Isle of Comics, which opened in November of 2016.

While development of the store only took a year, a hurdle they encountered was gaining the initial inventory of hard-to-find and rare comic books the store has become know for, in addition to starting from the ground up. While Yeagle notes that filling the store did not take long, it was other collectors that assisted in stocking their more spectacular gems.

“The very week that we were open, we had a gentleman come in with some Bronze [Age Era] books that we bought, and that was the very first collection that I bought. Obviously you as a comic shop owner would be getting stuff in every week from your distributor, but having people bring stuff in helps fill out the store,” Yeagle said.

With the inventory they supply to their loyal patrons, Isle of Comics has the ability to offer services and events not often seen in other comic book shops. Isle offers discounts on back issues of comics, and hosts the annual Williamsport Comic Con. However, an event very near to Yeagle’s heart is Free Comic Book Day, held every year on the first Saturday in May.

“It’s the day that we get to share our love of comics with everybody,” Yeagle said. “We order thousands of comics so that we can give them out for free so people can get into the genre. We have artists and writers, different creators of different things, come and meet people to make it a bigger event than just getting a comic. You get to talk to artists and writers.”

According to Yeagle, it’s this emphasis on giving to the community in addition to creating an atmosphere where people of similar interests can get together and discuss their passion that sets Isle of Comics apart from other comic shops.

“It’s the combined experience and knowledge that we have. Knowing the industry and knowing the stories. Customers can always have a conversation. It doesn’t matter what obscure character, you can always come in and having a discussion on your favorite character. The interactions of customers with other customers and us, talking about the movies and the books, the storylines and what each company is doing,” Yeagle said.

With everything Isle of Comics has to offer the area, the surrounding community has shown its support in kind, notes Yeagle.

“The reception has been absolutely wonderful. Everybody is great and grateful to have a shop and people seem to really enjoy it,” Yeagle said.

Yeagle said it is this reception and the passion of her customers that makes her job, and industry as a whole, such a joy to be involved in.

“It’s that interaction with the customers. You get to see their eyes light up when pull a key issue that they want, putting books in their hand that they never thought they could get. Just sharing that fascination with finding that finding that one book that they really want.”


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