Little Jets Boutique

Opened March 1, Little Jets Boutique blossomed from a chance meeting between future co-owners Jenna Locricchio and Paula Hendrick, according to Hendrick.

“We’re both moms and met at the library doing kid stuff, so we have been friends for two years. We both always loved childrens boutiques, we liked the style and how the stuff is always different than what you would find at a department store,” said Hendrick.

Acknowledging that both of Locricchio and Hendrick wanted to own their own business, they quickly turned their friendship into a business, opening Little Jets Boutique at the beginning of March.

Within the boutique, shoppers can find an assortment of products of every sort for their infant, toddler, and smaller childrens’ needs, according to Hendrick.

Little Jets Boutique focuses on children’s clothing, but provides a plethora of other products. Specialty toys, shoes, accessories, bathing suits, baby essentials, and more can be found on their shelves. Further immersing themselves in the community, Little Jets Boutique also offers locally made items, such as crochet hats and bows, receiving blankets, bibs, and burping sets, all made my local crafters or manufacturers. Products for babies’ skin, such all natural laundry detergent for babies, in addition to lip and bottom balm are also available.

Setting Little Jets Boutique apart is their focus on the clothing aspect of shopping for little ones, says Hendrick. Further creating a name for themselves, Hendrick states they strive to offer more unique brands at a higher quality than local department stores. While Hendrick notes that this may add to the cost of the items, she assures the quality more than makes up for the slight price difference in similar products.

“They cost a little more, but they have a higher quality and a more unique style to them. They are not so common,” says Hendrick.

Hendrick notes that in their short time in the downtown area, Little Jets Boutique has already received much positive feedback from the community.

“We’ve been having many people complimenting the shop and saying they are happy we are here. They say that it is good to have (our shop) here and that (the community) needed this,” said Hendrick.

After less than a month, it is not too early to start looking to the future of her business, according to Hendrick.

“We hope to expand and keep growing. Keep attracting more customers and be a part of this community.”


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