Heart Song Connection, LLC

The inspiration to open up shop started with a simple home business.

Heart Song Connection, LLC offers energy healing sessions, chakra light therapy, sound healing and drumming, as well as provide access to an adjacent massage therapist.

Although its doors have been officially open for less than a month, Heart Song Connection already has had success, thanks to their mission of providing alternative healing methods to the community.

Owned and operated by co-owners Kathy Stillings and Eileen Ebner, Heart Song Connection has been in operation since April 1, according to Stilling.

“Eileen and I were doing healing energy work out of our homes, and I was traveling around to homes, schools, assisted living homes,” said Stillings.

After the year-long process of opening their doors, Stillings and Ebner set on their mission to provide alternative healing methods to the community at large.

Stillings and Ebner provide customers with numerous tools with which they can heal themselves through holistic means, as well as provide holistic healing services of their own.

The “emporium,” as Stillings refers to it, offers healing crystals, oils, light energized jewelry and clothing.

In addition, Heart Song Connection provides Reiki, another form of energy healing.

“Reiki is an energy healing. It’s done with no hands on the body, but working in the energy field around the body, in a persons personal space,” said Stillings.

The community’s reception has been “fantastic,” said Stillings.

“We’re being supported beyond our wildest dreams,” he said.

Stillings notes that while the surrounding community has responded exceptionally well to having holistic methods of healing become more accessible, the fact that she is able to help others is truly fulfilling and a passion.

“What I get out of this is the pure satisfaction of having people respond to the alternative work that we do with them,” said Stillings.

“For example, to have an 82-year-old person come up to you and say ‘I didn’t even want to get out of bed this morning, and now that we had this drum session, I feel like a million dollars’. That in and of itself is just amazing. The verbal input that we get after working with people is phenomenal, but the physical appearance of people actually changes. So, that’s the reward there, too.”


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