New furniture store opening in Hughesville

Willow Cove Fine Furnishings will celebrate its grand opening Monday, July 1 starting at 10am. Located at 1075 Lime Bluff Road in Hughesville, the store is located in a barn with furnishings from around the globe. Owner Blu Ergott said, “After a long enforcement career and my travels throughout the world, I would like to expose people to the beautiful items that I have seen on those travels. I want them to ask what kind of furniture it is and where did it come from.”

Ergott spent years in federal law enforcement where he traveled extensively by plane as an air marshall for some time. It was during that period that he found his love for furniture and decor. “The store has pieces from Mexico, Brazil, Africa, Honduras and some local harvested wood as well.” In addition, Ergott features local art work, wood carved pieces and taxidermy. “There are no cookie cutter pieces in my shop.”

Willow Cove has a variety of design styles in the shop. “I hate to label it but some folks see the furniture as rustic and others just think it would be a great conversation piece in an office,” said Ergott.

One eye catching piece in the barn is a wood table with two chairs that have crosses in the back of the chairs. “We call this one the Game of Thrones table. This chair is for the Lannisters,” said Ergott with a laugh. The set is priced at $1999.00.

On the other side of the barn, there are a pair of benches that could be categorized as classic American country. One already has a sold tag on it. The partially painted wood is brightly colored and could easily take up residence in a vestibule, on a porch or at a dining table. Both benches are $280 each.

“I have extremely exotic furniture but my shop is not exotic. I have something that everyone can afford,” said Ergott. Prices run the gamut from $20 to $7,000.

The shop has a penchant for humor. There is a taxidermied piece titled “Swamp Booger” that is priced at $250. Made by Afterlife Taxidermy in Muncy, it’s not quite clear what the animal was in its former life. Now, it is a white mass of fur with a startling expression.

Ergott said that inventory will be replenished every month through more travels. His most visited furniture haunts to acquire inventory include Tucson, Asheville and Dallas to name a few. He carefully curates each selection for the store as if it were going into his home. “Anything that I would want in my home I buy. So, I would never purchase a piece that I wouldn’t want in my house. They are pieces that would look great in any home,” said Ergott.

Ergott also pays attention to each piece’s quality. “When I purchase a piece of furniture, I think about its longevity and passing it down to [other generations],” said Ergott.

Ergott is doing more than just acquiring pieces for sale. “I make about 10 percent of the furniture myself.” He uses imported woods and domestics, as well.

During Willow Cove’s soft opening in May, the store attracted close to 150 guests. There was live music, food and a demonstration from Wood Carver Kraig Brady. As Brady split into a massive log wielding a chainsaw, guests looked on as he turned it into a wood sculpture. Other guests strolled through the barn looking at furniture and munching on catered food.

Ergott was proud of the turn out and his first chance to give a sneak peek of what is to come. He said, “You will not find furniture like this anywhere in PA. I went to great lengths to make sure of that.”


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