Hatchet House gives customers an axe to grind

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Axe-throwing has become a popular activity around the nation and Hatchet House is bringing the new past time to Williamsport. Marshall and Jennifer Winters saw locations pop up left and right all over the country as it has become more and more popular over the years

“We were noticing that our friends were posting axe throwing outings on Facebook and other social media sites, we have seen it on ESPN, and just happening all over the country in other major cities,” said Marshall. “So we just thought why not have axe throwing in Williamsport?”

In preparing for their opening day for limited lane reservations on July 3, the Winters made sure to take the time to support the businesses around them by partnering with only local vendors.

“We have done everything we could to purchase locally… We didn’t buy from anywhere out of the area if we could avoid it. We might have paid a little more to do that, but we wanted to keep it local and support our fellow businesses,” said Marshall.

The businesses that they have partnered with include: Wolfe Contracting, Tye Johnston from Johnston Painting Co., Raffaele Colone from Woodrich, Shana Eichenberg from Bathvs, Graphic Hive and Whitehorse Graphics.

For those interested, the Hatchet House is open to all individuals, groups and events. According to the Winters, events that can take place at the house include: date nights, double dates, large groups, corporate team building, bachelor and bachelorette parties, retirement parties and fundraisers.

“That’s what makes it nice, that if a couple wants to come out on date night, we can still pair them up with somebody else to make it more of a group environment or more competitive. It’s just a fun and upbeat atmosphere to give people something new to do,” said Jennifer.

Marshall added that in looking into the future, the Winters plan to add televisions above the axe throwing lanes to display sporting events for a new way to watch your favorite teams in season.

“So if you love sports and your favorite team is going to be on you can come here and watch the game here,” said Marshall. “Just throw hatchets while your favorite team is winning or your not-so-favorite team and have a good time.”

The house is a BYOB location, beer and wine only, and a variety of snacks will be provided on location. It is an activity that is open to all ages. There are seven throwing lanes available and trained employees are there to assist in any axe throwing needs as well.

To see more information on The Hatchet House’s special events, such as fundraisers or group events, the best place to go is their Facebook or Instagram page. Reservations and bookings can be made on their website. The Hatchet House is located at 360 Market St.

“We are really excited to be a part of the downtown family,” said Jennifer. “We are looking to bring more people down to our market street triangle here.”


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