Local Sheetz to get electric car station

Tesla intends to put charger stations at the Sheetz on Maynard Street, city officials said.

Gary Knarr, city zoning administrator, said he has seen a concept draft plan for the stores in the city.

The company needn’t go through City Council or planning commission for approval. The store zoning is permitted for that type of use, Knarr said.

The Altoona-based convenience store chain recently completed the installation of eight Tesla Supercharger stations at city location in Blair County.

Sheetz has 21 store locations that offer Tesla Superchargers.

At the city store, a grass area south of the gasoline pumps will be converted to a parking lot and eight charge stations will be installed, Knarr said.

The stations are at the rear of the parking stalls, so vehicles will back into them and plug in the chargers to their electric vehicle port, he said.

The zoning office has been working on it with Sheets Inc., and it is a permitted use.

The charging area lot will have storm water drainage as required when changing from grass to pavement or impervious surface, Knarr said.

It takes about 20 minutes for a charge of 50 percent and 40 or longer minutes for a full charge, the company said.

Most of the electric cars also have a 12 gallon tank for gasoline in case the charge stops.

For home use, it can take more than a day to charge an electric vehicle battery with an adapter.

Many of today’s car makers offer the electric option.

The cars are not completely zero-emission, but are better for the environment than conventional vehicles, according to Kelley Blue Book.

Conventional gasoline vehicles convert about 17%-21% of the energy stored in gasoline to power at the wheels.

An electric motor is between 85% and 90% efficient. Gasoline contains about 33 kWh of energy per gallon.

The electric is about 13 cents per kWh or a cost of $13 for a full charge. The charge can keep a car going for about 300 miles, according to Tesla.

That equates to 4.4 cents or $4.40 for every 100 miles driven, the company said.


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