Tantalizing Treats is a hit with locals

Pine Street has a new look to it with the addition of Blagman’s Tantalizing Treats, an ice cream, gelato and sorbet joint owned by the couple Earl and Tara Blagman. The business just opened Monday, but that hasn’t stop their business from already starting on a high note with locals coming in to see what it’s all about. The streets are already starting to have people walking around with bowls of the treats in their hands and smiles on their faces.

Earl and Tara both take on the responsibility of being owners but also making the ice cream, gelato, and sorbet in house with fresh, local or store-bought ingredients, making them stand-out in the ice cream business.

A family member of Earl Blagman made his own water ice but took the idea down south. He had introduced Earl to the craft and he started to continue by doing research. Through his research and actually having his own business, it became a passion for the couple.

“It’s more fun,” Earl Blagman said. “That is why we built this environment, for people to come in: For families to come in and have ice cream and relax.”

“We make all of the ice cream here in the back, the recipe is all our own. Everything is local or store-bought. So there are no additives, no syrup, no base, and that makes it different,” said Tara Blagman. “Instead of just ice cream we have gelato and sorbet.”

The gelato and sorbet are different items that are made differently than the in-house ice cream, but still contain all-natural ingredients. The sorbets are completely dairy free, giving options to those who have a plant-based diet.

“Gelato is a lower milk fat and less calories. It’s like the up-scale version of ice cream. Sorbet is all-natural fruit and no syrup or base. It’s fruit, water, and natural sugars,” she continued.

Their best seller item is the “Uncle Cookie” ice cream that contains Chips Ahoy! and Oreo cookies in it. Other best sellers include their honey vanilla gelato made with local honey, and their mango sorbet.

The options are almost endless at Tantalizing Treats with a long list of flavors inside the building. The list starts with ice cream flavors from regular vanilla to flavors like lemon cookie cake, the fruit sorbet has everyone’s favorite summer fruits with tropical twists of mango and lemon, and the gelato has more up-scale flavors like avocado and blackberry cheesecake.

Though Blagman’s Tantalizing Treats currently does not take credit or debit cards, you won’t need much to spend there as their prices start at $3 for a small regular ice cream and end at $5.50 for a large gelato. Their business is open from 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday and they are closed on Sunday.

Locals continue to come to the business to try different treats on their breaks from work or just stopping by when walking around the city. Many folks stopped to tell the owners how they loved the flavors of the treats and can’t wait to stop by again soon.


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