Wolf Run Veterinary Clinic opens new facility, services

After three years of practice, Amy Phillips, veterinarian and owner, and husband, Josh Phillips, business manager, opened a new building to continue and make unique additions to their Wolf Run Veterinary Clinic at 279 Route 220.

The new building, coupled with impressive dog suites, a cat room and a dog park opened on July 1 and has clients coming in and out to receive the best service for their furry friends.

The business hosted an open house event for locals who are looking for veterinary services or just for a fun activity to do in the sun. The event was held Saturday August 3 at 10 a.m. and was complete with a ribbon cutting, pet safety demonstrations done with the Muncy Township Police Department and Fire Department, a bounce house for children and picnic style refreshments for guests.

Wolf Run, with its existing clients, and followed clients from Amy Phillips’s past practices, opened an opportunity for the business to expand in terms of employees, space and additions that make the building stand out in the local area.

The previous building did not allow for increasing clients and did not offer as many positions for doctors or veterinary technicians or assistants.

“Since we bought the place, it went from eight employees to over 30,” said Josh Phillips.

The staff alone, is just one aspect of what makes Wolf Run Clinic, one of the best, according to Josh Phillips.

“The reason why we are acquiring new clients is because we offer a high level of service and care,” he said. “Amy has orchestrated a very tenured and experienced, confident team.”

“We have a personal touch, like ‘your hometown veterinarian,’ “ Amy Phillips added. “It’s not owned by a corporation out of another state.”

Amy herself has been practicing locally for over 15 years, and her staff has anywhere from 15 to 40 years of veterinary experience in the field.

The goal with the new building was to create a stress and fear free environment for the animals involved. There are separate entrances, waiting rooms, exam rooms, and boarding areas for cats and dogs. There is also a separate entrance for their euthanasia room which is isolated for personal needs.

Several services like grooming and boarding have been added to the building. There are now 17 different dog rooms for boarding, that are almost like dog suites or hotel rooms according to Josh Phillips. The rooms come with their own dog door, television, dog bed and toys. What’s special about these rooms is that they also come with heated floors and air conditioning for different seasons of weather.

The cat room, where the cats can roam and play without stress, has a large window to bring in heat for the cats to bask in, beds and plenty of toys.

Exam rooms are also created with the utmost comfort for animals with couches instead of standard chairs for the dogs and cats to lay in until exam time.

Along with full medical and surgical services like spay, neuter, and dental, Wolf Run sells tick and flea preventative products, prescription foods, shampoos and conditioners for itchy skin, heartworm preventatives and other products that animals might need after service.

The dog park, which will soon be completed, is open to the public and is completed with a pavilion and an open lawn for running and playing.

The extended hours for Wolf Run Veterinary Clinic are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. For more information, the Wolf Run Veterinary Clinic website can be found at



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