Inventor brings beverage cooling wrap production to Pajama Factory

Williamsport’s Pajama Factory has a penchant for attracting Hollywood. Most recently, Actor/Screenwriter Daniel Dotterer chose to have his new invention, the Chillzie, manufactured there. “Chillzie, a revolutionary, sustainable and reusable, double-patented, beverage cooling wrap can chill [beverages] in just 23 minutes,” said Dotterer.

Equinox Limited is now producing the product, which is housed in the Pajama Factory. The Pajama Factory first attracted Hollywood attention when it became the inspiration for the film Pajama Game.

Dotterer is a Lamar native whose family friend works at Equinox. The inventor chose the local company because he didn’t want to manufacture it overseas. “The stuff from China is garbage. I like the idea of making it back at home because of the quality. And I know it is going to last. And hopefully, I will be adding something to the community,” said Dotterer.

It is already aiding the local economy. According to Equinox’s Kerry Kaar there are several openings for seamstresses. “[Applicants] can apply at our office for the positions,” said Kaar.

Dotterer’s invention is also helping the planet. He said, “Chillzie is made out of recycled plastic bottles.”

Here is how Chillzie works. You wet it, place it over the beverage and then place it in the freezer. It has the unique ability to chill to an exact temperature via an app that is downloaded. “The app has over 400 beverages in it. It has been exciting to see the reaction from wine and beer connoisseurs. There has never been a way to get something at an exact temperature. There is nothing on the market that does this,” said the inventor.

The Chillzie also manages to chill beverages faster than a freezer or refrigerator could. “Chilling a drink like champagne from room temperature (68 degrees) to drinking temperature (45 degrees), for instance, takes over four hours in the refrigerator and over 75 minutes in the freezer,” explained Dotterer.

Why is chilling to an exact temperature so important? Milk should be chilled to 45 degrees while a chardonnay should be chilled at 50 degrees. That exact temperature brings out the taste of the beverage. “Every winery that I go to, I have gotten confirmation that there is a market for this,” said Dotterer.

The invention took about two years to develop. As a former pre-med student at Penn State University, Dotterer was well acquainted with science. He said, “I wrote out a formula for the rate of evaporation [to determine] how long it would take to chill something to an exact degree. I tested dozens of materials until I found the fabric with the highest rate of evaporation.”

Prior to his role as inventor, Dotterer had roles in Hollywood productions, as well as, writing for the screen. As an actor, he was in Malcolm in the Middle and Freaky Friday. As a writer, he helped pen Despicable Me. He is still actively pursuing both careers while adding game show creator to his resume.

Dotterer’s drive to overachieve has something to do with his growing up on a Lamar farm. “The work ethic growing up on a farm is invaluable. You do what have to get the job done,” said Dotterer.


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