Rustic Event Rental offers a venue for many different occasion

MUNCY– Last January, Rustic Event Rental, a business owned and operated by Holly and Byron Mitchell, opened with unique, customizable decorations and flexible options for locals in need of event decor for weddings, baby and bridal showers, birthday parties and more.

Holly Mitchell commented that the idea for the business came when she wanted specific items for her own wedding, but there were a couple circumstances in the way.

“When my husband and I got married in 2010, I made everything for our wedding because like a lot of other brides, we were on a budget,” she said. “We wanted that barn wedding, rustic, country feel.I had a really hard time finding those things that I had seen on Pinterest that I needed to have.”

Having done event and party planning for friends and family in the past, Holly Mitchell never fully took the time to pursue her love for this creative work until she was off from her job after a surgery and decided to sell the items she made for her own wedding on her Facebook.

The couple’s goal with their business was to put good out into the community by offering and making personal items for their special events at an affordable and flexible rate to decrease the amount of financial burden and stress that many can feel.

“You can buy some of those things from Etsy but they are so expensive just for one item,” Holly Mitchell said. “I just said you know what, I want to help other people.”

Rustic Event Rental offer many singular items for affordable prices to rent including glassware starting at $1, different signs and chalkboards starting at $5, food bars at $25, wagon wheels as low at $10 and even customizable doors, arbors and arches starting at $50.

There are also “pay it forward” items that have been brought to the business by other brides which are free that others can use for their events.

Different rental packages are also available that offer flexible prices and a multitude of items that can be swapped with others offering utmost accessibility to future brides or party planners.

“We also give them a package option and keeping those packages flexible, if they don’t need one item in the package, they can substitute it for another item of equal value,” Holly Mitchell said.

Sample packages come with items including centerpieces, table linens and runners, lights, draping, customizable backdrops and more.

“I’m flexible with pricing, and can take items out of packages to decrease price,” she added.

The couple works and is adapting their business to make items and packages completely customizable for themed events, weddings and parties as well as making their items multipurpose.

“I like to make our stuff flexible and multipurpose,” Holly Mitchell said. “I strive to paint things neutral to have options.”

“We learned a lot,” Byron Mitchell said. “Some things work, some things don’t. I build most of the custom items and I have to build it two or three times until I like it.”

“We customize items that fit the needs of themes to get the vision that they want,” he continued.

“We do the best we can,” Holly Mitchell added.

With keeping their prices at a flexible and accessible rate, the couple also offers delivery and set-up services making their business well-rounded and available for brides on budgets, family members throwing birthday parties and themed get-togethers.

For more information, you can visit the Rustic Event Rental Facebook page and contact Holly and Byron Mitchell personally.


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