Anchor Air Systems brings quality heating and cooling to the area

Noticing the high price and low workmanship of many water and heating systems, Cody Rutherford started his own business, Anchor Air Systems, in July.

With 15 years of experience in the field, Rutherford said he’s focused on delivering quality and commitment to his customers out of his home office in Hughesville.

Other owners of larger air system companies often have plenty of experience, however good employees are often difficult to find, he said.

“Anymore it seems to be quantity over quality with these HVAC contractors and it drove me nuts,” said Rutherford. “Hence, why I started my own business, so I have an attention to detail.”

Though Rutherford is the only current full-time worker, he has recently hired a part-time plumber to assist him. A slow growth is key to attracting employees who match his own high-standards.

“I’ve seen the effects of owners not necessarily caring for their employees like they should, or treating them the way they should be,” said Rutherford. “My goal here is to not only get my customers a good service, but I mean, treat my employees with the utmost respect and treat them right.”

Due to the lack of knowledgeable and dependable people entering the trade, finding the right people for the job is the hardest part of starting an air systems company, he said.

“Once you find them, you have to hold on to them,” he said.

Keeping a strong connection to his customers was another motivating factor, he said.

“Honesty with service calls and communication is huge with my customers,” he said. “We try and keep an open line of communication.”

Rutherford also offers a 24 hour emergency service for his customers who prepay for a servicing contract, prioritizing them and ensuring he’s well acquainted with the systems for a faster fix.

Honesty also plays a role in their upfront cost as well, said Cindy Rutherford, Cody Rutherford’s wife.

“We don’t really run specials as much due to the fact that we believe that we’re offering our customers the best price available,” she said.

Consistency is key when starting a new business, she said.

“We just are trying to be honest,” said Cindy Rutherford. “We’re a family owned company, we’re starting from the ground up and we want to treat all of our customers and our employees like they’re our family.”

Anchor Air Systems may be reached on their website, www.anchorairsystemsllc.com, or their phone line, 570 419-5235. Free estimates are available.