Printing business to help small businesses create revenue during outbreak

In an effort to help small businesses through these uncertain economic times, The Graphic Hive announced a new initiative to help businesses generate revenue.

The Graphic Hive is offering free setup for an online apparel store for all small businesses. These online apparel stores will offer high quality, printed apparel to customers and fans of a small business and businesses make any of the profit over the wholesale costs to produce these items. Stores will run for two to four weeks, with apparel printing occurring after the sale closes.

The store is 100% risk-free, so why not see what kind of support you can generate. The Graphic Hive will handle all distribution of the apparel through shipping with the USPS.

“It’s really a win-win situation for our local businesses,” says owner John Yogodzinski. “These online stores allow small businesses to make money from their supporters, and their supporters will get great apparel in return.”

“Our main focus at The Graphic Hive is to make small businesses more profitable,” says Project Manager Matthew Zarzyczny. “We know that right now, it’s really hard to earn money if your small business requires a physical location. While these online stores aren’t likely to generate thousands of dollars of revenue, the money that they do raise could really make a difference to small business owners.”

If businesses would like to start an online store, send an email to either John Yogodzinski,

john@thegraphichive.com, or Matthew Zarzyczny, ,matt@thegraphichive.com.

The Graphic Hive is an award-winning, design-focused marketing company located in downtown Williamsport.

For more information, contact The Graphic Hive at 1-888-590-3310 or info@thegraphichive.com.


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