Peter Herdic House and Inn hopeful for return

PHOTO PROVIDED Liz Miele, left, shown here with family members, says Peter Herdic House restaurant and inn will bring staff back soon to prepare for its reopening.

Though predominantly closed, the Peter Herdic House Restaurant and Inn, located on West Fourth Street, is offering limited take out orders and is bringing in staff for cleaning and the preparation of reopening according to Liz Miele, owner.

“We have limited take out, once a week if that,” she said. “That is more to just keep in touch with one another and to keep the staff coming in. We have never been a take out oriented business and we aren’t transitioning to one.”

She added that she is trying to have staff come back as early as next week to tie up loose ends and cleaning the restaurant for a hopeful return sooner rather than later.

“We understand that everything is up in the air at this time,” she said. “We have hunkered down and are taking care of things around the restaurant that we normally don’t get the time to do. We will be bringing back most of the staff to get the cleaning and to get the loose ends before opening again.”

She also said that any of the food that was available still at the restaurant was given to staff in ways to continue to support them through the pandemic.

In terms of the inn, Miele added that there has always been cleaning procedures but that they are being prepared during this time.

“We are honoring bookings of people who are still traveling but we have only had a few people who had already had those pre-existing bookings,” she said. “Anytime we have people stay we try to be exceptionally cautious. We are sanitizing and cleaning properly.”

The restaurant and inn have been in business for 35 years and counting and with that comes something to fall back on during an unprecedented times like an outbreak according to Miele.

“We have been lucky,” she said. “The issue for us is going to be looking forward. Traditionally, May is a great month for us because of graduations, but we don’t have that this year. There will be lingering anxiety about going out for dinner and going back to life as normal.”

In addition, the Celebrity Waiter Night slated for March 27 is being postponed until a tentative date of May 29.

She added that she hopes when the business reopens that enough customers still come out for dinner as it is a fine-dining place accustomed for sit down eating and enjoyment.

“We’ll be thinking of you all these next few weeks, and raising a glass to the friends we’re missing around our table. Cheers, and we’ll see you on the other side,” Miele said in press release discussing the closure.


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